Knittingolympics1_1Tca_1 We’ve had a last minute substitution on the Team California sweater team.  No, I’m still making a sweater, but I thought in light of me missing 5 days of knitting time going to my Vegas trade show (during the Olympics), I’d better pick a project that would knit up a bit quicker than Tubey.  I shall still knit Tubey, just not in one week.  Ya know.

Silsknitstuff001 I thought I’d knit Glampyre’s Bulky Cable Cardigan.  Love that pattern and thought I’d modify it by knitting more ribbing under the boobage.  Love it!  I bought 5 skeins of Cascade 128 tweed in a tawny brown and started swatching.  You’re waiting for the shoe to drop aren’t you?  Yup, I was able to get STITCH gauge but my row gauge was about HALF of what the pattern called for!  WTF!  Well, I’m an optimist so I ran it by the queen of wonky row gauges and Claudia’s terror for my odds of having enough yarn to complete this project were palpable through the email cross country lines.  Crap.  I looked for more of this yarn, but alas couldn’t find any.  I even bought more yarn from Elann for the purpose of making this sweater (jeans blue colorway).  Such a deal.  See how determined I am for my team!  I’m shopping for you people!

Well, what the heck is she making!?  I surfed by Fluffa’s blog the other day and she had the beginnings of that beautiful Amelie Bolero from Rebecca #28.  I love that pattern!  In fact, BoflexI’ve already made it…what?!?  Yeah, apparently in November ’04 I used some mystery festival fiber that was hand dyed and made this bolero.  Problems:  the yarn skeins were vastly different in color and my bolero looked like a ransom note.  I also had to play with the gauge and it was a tad, shall we say, revealing.  So I ripped that shit out and sent it to Claudia for redying.  Where it is in the queue of her fiber room, I know not.  Turns out I don’t miss it.

So my Cascade 128 tawny brown will turn into the Amelie Bolero-the sporty spice version.  Becky is making the luxurious, classy one that will stroll the boulevards of France–I’ll be making the one that gets schlepped around the classiness of Vegas, a Vegas tradeshow no less.  Ah, the glamour…


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  1. You are such an Olympian, shopping like that. Go! Team California!
    Your yarn is sitting by my desk in the fiber room waiting for inspiration. But, it turns out you don’t miss it anyway. 🙂

  2. Don’t change your plans just for this, but Tubey is a faaaaast knit. Mine was done in about ten days, and I didn’t have any deadline to hustle me along. Food for thought. 🙂

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