Sweaty Olympics

Big_o_startThe Olympic knitting has begun.  Of course it’s been above 70 degrees here in northern California pretty much all  week, and here I am power knitting a WOOL bolero from Bild_5_2Rebecca #28.  Smart.  I know it will eventually get cool enough to wear this snazzy little devil, but you gotta laugh.

What you see in the pict ure is the one piece body of the bolero.  I’ve completed the right front and am working on the back.  After completing the body, you knit a really long band that you sew around the bottom to finish it off.  I’m also changing the sleeves from 3/4 to long.  If you have ape arms, 3/4 sleeves aren’t the novelty of the normal armed folks.  The wool is Cascade 128 tweed and the needles are size 10.75.  Soft wool and big needles.  AND zinfandel (Cline Cellars)…


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  1. Magnien Morey-St.-Denis and Chinese take-out here, and still stuck in charts and swatches. I am trying to tweak some vine lace and it is making my brain ache. At the rate you’re going, you’ll finish before the 26th and can come down and knit on one side of my shawl, right????? That bolero is going to look really good with your hair!

  2. Wow, you are plowing through that! You are going to be finished early and it will be beautiful. Nnow, I know you will want to wear it, but I have to say I’m loving having it be 70 degrees in February. Beside July and cold will come :).

  3. I can’t remember if I have written this before, but that bolero is going to be a great look on you. Good choice of program (as they would say in figure skating).

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