O-lympics shmo-lympics

Cover_500989 Yeah, yeah, yeah–one bolero sleeve is done.  Maybe a picture of that exciting raglan number soon.  Don’t platz plotz with excitement kiddos.  I haven’t actually watched too much Olympic coverage.  I mean it’s okay for awhile, but the coverage is so chopped up you lose interest and move on to one of the 3000 other channels–hello American Idol–though it is fun to hear how to pronounce those Nordic names that are all hopped up on K’s and J’s.Image_824

I’ve also been becoming interested in this Patons leaflet, curiously called "Street Smart".  I think there would be a few prison gang members who’d be a bit confused with that title…but hey, here’s hoping for that kinder gentler universe.  That bobbly hoodie is very cute and the pullover with the gull wing-esque cabling is begging to be made a zippie hoodie.  I tried to find this at the newly opened Michael’s in town, but alas, despite unearthing some horrible horrible yarns and patterns, this tasteful leaflet was nowhere to be found.  The search continues.

Added later:  I found this Patons leaflet at Joann.com and it’s even on sale for $3.99.  You can get free shipping by entering code TAB60218 on any purchase with no minimum, so do it now if you want it (code valid from 2/18 to 3/3).

For those folks needing a laugh please go read The Panopticon’s 17 Feb entry.  Please.  Brilliant.


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  1. you can get at joann.com, i think. i made the mistake of buying mine on ebay, thinking it was actually really hard to find, but it’s not, or at least it wasn’t a month ago. i love the urban aran in it – that’s definitely on my list.

  2. the word is plotz, not “platz” unless you are saying some urban form of “plaits” like braids. but they won’t make people “fall down dead” (the definition of plotzing). lol. but if you mean the Yiddish word, its plotz.

  3. I’ve been wondering about that pattern book since I saw a cardigan knitted by Jodi. Thanks for the information and the coupon. Don’t you love knowing that you are the force behind several Joann.com orders today?

  4. hehe, i too looked for it everywhere! I ended up buying it on joann’s a few weeks ago w/ their free shipping deal!
    My next project (mmm, once i finish a few things in my massive wip stash) is that sweater, which i’ll turn into a zipped cardi/jacket πŸ˜€

  5. You made me smile. I was just at a new Michael’s on Saturday and didn’t want anything they had and thought, “If only they had Paton’s….what was that one called?” I thought it might be Urban knits or Urban sweaters, but I couldn’t ask for it without knowing the name. So now it’s on it’s way to me. Thanks!

  6. I’m reading a book about Yiddish, always love to see the random smattering of those fun Yiddish words in blogland. Way to score on the leaflet. Michael’s can be a scary place. I always go there to get cotton yarn and they usually only have one sad lonely ball of Cotton Ease that is a bit dirty too. *sigh*

  7. Hi Sil, I made the bobbly cardi and I love it, because the bobbles & cables look like “eyes”. It was a really well-written pattern, too. That is in fact a very popular patternbook, the Must-Have was all over the blogs and I think Brainy Lady Allison started to Urban Aran.

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