Bolero_now_2 How many days do I have left…yikes.

Yeah, I’ve been gone all week at the fashion markets in Vegas (for work…) and had minimal time to work on the Olympic bolero.  I’m cutting it close, I still need to knit the edging around the body and a collar.  The rest of the bolero is sewed up and ends woven in.  I hope I can get it done as I think it’s turning out quite cute.

NewphildarDespite being shopped out (we buy for Fall 06, winter 06 and some spring 07) I still ripped open the new Phildar mag.  Some cute things, but not a super duper over the top fantastic edition IMHO.  Worth having though, and some very trendy, directional items are included.  Even though I work for a very, untrendy, undirectional company, I have a personal interest in trends.

What I gleaned from the markets…Brown is still the hottest color around.  The hot trends for spring 07 will be brown paired with turquoise and light green.  Orange is still hot, though it’s been lightened and made more dusty looking.  There was a beautiful palette of naturals/neutrals for the junior market for spring 07.

Hot must haves for spring are stripes in COLORS!  No navy and white stripes, it’s like open the crayon box and make stripes – all on one garment.  Denim is going to be colored, and those embellished jeans you see everywhere now are going bye bye.  Colored denim is the latest, they’re even showing OVERALLS for next spring!  Yikes! 

Sweaters are embellished with lots of flowered embroidery and there’s lots of cr*chet in the market, and sweaters are not so small and shrunken as we’ve been seeing.  They showed sweaters as part of the layering.  Most of the pants I saw were still low rise and full legged, not so much with the super skinny pegged leg – that’s hard to wear for most folks.  Trousers are super hot, full at the hem with cuffs and boots.  Boots and gauchos are hot right now and through fall.  Saw lots of them in tweeds with huge flower appliques.  There was also some talk of a "pirate" look coming from the UK, meaning big flowy white shirts with long cuffs and big collars.  I’m QUITE skeptical this one will make it to market.

985189950d1 Shoe wise, boots are everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  Shoes are rounded toe and thicker heel shapes, no spiked heels to be seen.  For spring 07 there were rope heel sandals with tons of embellishments everywhere.  That’s all I can remember now…I’m sure more will come back to me.

FYI – my new favorite slot machine (penny slots baby) is the That Girl slot.  The bonus in that game is a fashion bonus where you match up her outfit.  How fabulous!

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  1. I am not anything close to trendy, mostly because I don’t read about it. That was the most coherent summary of upcoming fashion I’ve ever heard. Brown and light green? Turquoise? Count me in! And thank goodness those hideous pointy shoes are out. Ugh!

  2. Thanks for the most trendsetting information I’ve heard in years. I live in Nebraska where most people get their fashion update from Wal-Mart or JCPenney’s.

  3. Did you finish the bolero??? I’m done with the shawl.
    Weren’t you going to pair that turquoise merino with some brown?
    Is the light green on the cool or warm side?

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