So many sweaters…

Cablesweater While innocently roaming around the supermarket yesterday, I spied the latest Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits – I know, where have I been.  At one point I subscribed to both of these publications, but let those subscriptions go several years ago since I thought their content was crap.  I think there were several interesting articles in both magazines, but I never ever ever made a single sweater from any of them.  Never.  Well I picked up both in the magazine aisle yesterday and while I still wouldn’t make any of the Interweave sweaters, I did like the concept of their Sunrise Circle Jacket, I’d be a bit worried about the drape of the knitted fabric.  Ironically, this pattern is offered online and not in their magazine.  There was a cute pattern for a fingerless glove, but this magazine costs $7 and I think I can manage to make up my own pattern for a fingerless glove.Construction3

On to Vogue Knitting.  I think the cable yoke sweater is pretty and has an interesting use of cabling.  There was a thought provoking article on using deconstructionist techniques to make some very interesting textures.  This was the winner in the magazine purchasing sweepstakes.

Of course before embarking on a new sweater, I’ve got to finish the Olympic bolero.  The knitting was completed yesterday, and a small amount of finishing still needs to be done, but this puppy is almost done.  That still leaves the cormo top down cardigan that’s been under construction for ages and the Phildar Shearling sweater that is only needs a collar knitted up and sewing together.  I’ve even got the buttons in my hot little hands…So here I pledge, I will finish at least 2 out of 3 sweaters before beginning a new one.  Stop laughing.  I’m serious dammit.  I’m new shoes and handbag serious.  See how I threw down there…


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  1. Which supermarket has both VK & IK? That is something I’d never see at the Market Basket.
    With regard to the pictured sweaters, may I remind you that you live in CALIFORNIA and don’t usually come out here in the cold.
    BTW, I also had the very same drape concerns about the Sunrise Circle jacket although the concept is indeed interesting.

  2. I start to suffocate when I look at that cabled yoke sweater. That thick collar choking up to my neck, AND a zipper (that is mostly hidden in the picture – damn those pictures!) I dunno. And that sweaterdress thingy? Nada. But you go, girl! (heehee, I’m such a witch!)

  3. So, does that top sweater make her butt look big or what? Interesting, but one of those things your sister would modify into something so very, very much better!
    Btw, I always enjoy it when you show and discuss patterns you’ve found in mags and pattern books. Thanks.

  4. “innocently roaming around the supermarket”… now that’s a sentence open to interpretation!! 🙂 ha ha ha ha. i like the sweater on the left but it does seem like the body is really… spread out? … for somethng that appears to be slightly ribbed? no?

  5. I think that is one seriously cool sweater in the VK…they’ve had a couple of neat ones in the latest issues. I’m actually getting tempted to subscribe to it.
    And considering that the body of your bolero is complete, I think it justifies the beginning of a new project, really it does. (Such a bad influence.)

  6. I love the idea of that Sunrise Jacket, too. I, however, would probably need to modify it, and I can’t quite see how to do that from the pattern.

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