Bolero Finish Line

Bolero_1Was anyone wondering if I’d ever finish my Olympic knitting project?!  I was wondering.  It’s actually been done for several days, but I decided to wet block it (wash it really) since I took it to Vegas to try to get it done and it smelled slightly of Vegas.  It took a coon’s age to dry!

I like the yarn (Cascade 128 chunky – about 4.5 skeins), I like the pattern (Rebecca #28), but I’m only so so on the finished product.  I didn’t use the recommended yarn (which is a gorgeous fuzzy GGH yarn) and made the sleeves long, but I’m going to have to reserve judgment until I wear this think around.  Who knows, I may grow to love it.

Cormo1_1 I was also poking around the knitting bag and came upon a sweater made of some variegated cormo of two Maryland Sheep and Wool agos.  I was making up the pattern based upon a Phildar picture, but I just didn’t have enough yarn to make the sleeves as long as I like them.  It bugged me so I shoved it all the pieces (I was done knitting all the pieces and was out of yarn) and stashed it for a year.  Very mature don’t you think.  Then I came across it a few days ago and decided I’d never be happy with it as is so I ripped it all out and washed the yarn to make it unkinky.  I was thinking I could send it to my sister and have her dye it chocolate brown and I can make a little pulli or cardie, maybe add another color to give me just that little bit more yardage.  Do you think Claudia would do it?  How about if I ask her nicely and not just spring it on her in a blog entry?  Please please please please please…mmm…chocolate!