Love and Hate

P3080002 Even though I really really reeeeaaally want to start a new project as I’ve finished the Olympic Bolero, I resisted and picked up the collar of the faux shearling sweater that is very close to completion.  This collar is quite interesting from a construction standpoint.  In sewing, a collar is usually two pieces sewn together and turned inside out and attached to the neckline.  In knitting, most collars I’ve knit up have been just a single layer of knitting.  This collar is knit up like a fabric collar.  You knit a foldover collar, including little rounded shaped corners!  I hope it won’t be too puffy and Alexis Carrington looking, but IP3080003 guess I can just tack the collar together and puff my hair up real big to make the collar look smaller.

And check out how cute the puffy yarn is!  Truth be told, it’s kind of a bitch to knit with all those yarns with knobs, but the secret is to not force the knobs through the stitch.  Let them fall where they may, otherwise you end up with rows of knobs all lined up on one side of the fabric and the other side looks like it’s been agent oranged. 

As an aside, I used to work for a large airline in SFO (work that one out for yourselves people) and the employee who managed the first class lounge had overly processed brassy blonde hair and a fake and bake tan like nobody’s business–he looked like he ate nothing but carrots to achieve that skin color.  Of course we all called him Agent Orange.

P3080006Okay, back to knitting.  I must say, I really don’t think I’ll ever wear my Olympic Bolero.  I tried yesterday, but I put it on and really didn’t like it.  I may rip the whole thing out and be done with it.  No more boleros for me–well not that one at least.  I’ve knit it twice now and didn’t like it the either time.  Duh!  Maybe I’ll just make a long scarf and hat…I won’t wear that either, but at least I’ll like it.