I’m old and wearing a bikini…

Innhacienda7 Sunday is my big old 4-0 birthday and I’m lucky enough to celebrate it on a beach in Mexico with a hot dude.  Life is good.  If you want to see embarrassing pictures of me (WITH MY NATURAL HAIR COLOR – NO LESS) run, don’t walk over to my sister’s siteI did the same thing to her when she turned 40, so I must say, I’m not surprised by the payback.  I am surprised by the "range" of embarrassing photos she managed to dredge up.  Fabulous!P3100001

Turning 40 doesn’t bother me, I mean I’m healthy and happy and loved and can still wear a bikini in public.  Oh yeah, I’ve still got all my own teeth.  Life is good and getting better.  Saturday we’re taking off for five days in Todos Santos (Mexico)–I’ve never been to that part of Baja but love the area so it should be wonderful and warm.  As for vacation knitting…I ordered two skeins of Socks that Rock but alas, they’ve not yet arrived.  I’d hoped to bring some fun sock yarn to make some fun socks, but I may end up dashing out to the local yarn store and picking up some sock yarn that doesn’t rock.  Fingers crossed that the USPS speeds the socks in waiting to me.

And because it’s my birthday and rules don’t apply, I started a new project.  Restraint by damned.  I bought 18 balls of Schoeller Stahl 161Wonderwool Tweed in the Jeans colorway from Elann (looks like they’re now sold out though) and wanted to make a long cardigan/jacket thing.  I didn’t want it to be too busy with patterning, just a good basic toss on garment that doesn’t make it  look like you’re wearing a robe.  I found this free pattern on the Garnstudio site.  They’ve got hundreds of fabulous free patterns on that site so check it out sometime.  I’m going to eliminate the fringe and the basketweave stitch and just to plain stockinette.  I like the slight flare at the cuff and the pretty collar appeals to me.  So far so good, the swatch came out ok and now I’m making a sleeve as a larger swatch test.  Hopefully it will continue to behave.

Well speaking of behaving, I’m off for a few days!  Adios!


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  1. I left a birthday greeting for you on your sister’s blog … but may just wish you a Happy Birthday here again! And have a nice and beautiful tan in Mexico! (Pretty jealous of the future of warm sun! :))

  2. That’s a very cute sweater…I didn’t see that one on the site amongst the bajillion cute free patterns.
    Remind me to show you the stack of photos I deemed *too embarrassing* for the Internets. Just sayin’.

  3. Cheerleader Silvia is, as I said on your sister’s blog, HOTT. but totally not as HOTT as about-to-be-40 Silvia. Have so much fun on vacation, and happy happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday, Silvia. Glad you can still wear your bikini. Just wait until you turn 50–it’s the best.

  5. Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday to You!
    You look like a monkey,
    And you smell like one too 🙂
    At least you can wear a bikini while all that is going on too! Enjoy Mexico and say hi to the worm for me…

  6. So, it’s the Big Four-Oh! Happy Birthday, and have fun. A trip to Mexico is a wonderful way to usher in a new decade.

  7. Happy Birthday Sil!! Welcome to the 40 club. Members requirements: must kiss and or dance with a boy much younger within one of, before or after, your birthday. Take pictures.

  8. I am a few hours too late but nevertheless HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your sister really made a nice blog entry for your big 4-0 😉 Hope you had a blast at your vacation and could really celebrate.
    Best wishes from Germany
    who turned 40 1 year and 5 days ago 😉

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