Beach   I’m back from Mexico safe and sound.  Dave and I had a fabulous time!  If you ever want to go to Mexico and kick back, go to Todos Santos.  We were about 1.5 hours north of Cabo San Lucas and you’d never know it was spring break.  Beautiful deserted beaches, great people and wonderful food.  I can’t wait to go back.  It  didn’t even hurt to tuPalm_beachrn 40 there–of course I did try to have a margarita in every restaurant in town (I almost made it), so maybe that helped lubricate the birthday.

Sock_2 I was knitting on a sock while in Mexico.  I bought some Meilenweit Multiringel (color 5030) when my Socks that Rock didn’t make it to me in time for my trip (argh–they better rock after taking 10 days to arrive from Oregon–see not that far from CA).  I love this red/brown colorway on the multiringel and took an obligatory Claudia sock picture at poolside.  Maybe we can call this pose the "Tropical Claudia Sock"?  I started knitting this yarn up in the Whisper Rib and Shepard’s Lace sock pattern (by Anne Carroll), but didn’t like the way the stripes looked in this pattern.  The Whisper Rib pattern knits up very nicely, but I think I’ve got some solid color yarn that would work better.  I ripped out the first attempt and ended up with the generic Sheep_2Silvia sock.  Picot hem and stockinette, shortrow heels and toes.  Easy and still my favorite to actually wear.

Well now that I’m back home, my mind turns to my next trip!  What’s that to be you ask?  Mdsw_logoHere’s a hint–look at the photo of the sheep and goats from down the road from our hotel in Todos Santos?  Thinking…Maryland Sheep and Wool!  It’s coming up soon and Claudia and I are all set to go.    out the new 2006 logo that just came out!  Isn’t it cute?  I’m glad they smartened the artwork up and got away from those awful dippy line drawings.  I mean I never bought any fair gear until they changed to better art.  From the commercial point of view, that seems like a success to me.


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  1. Hooray for Maryland Sheep and Wool! I can’t believe how quickly it’s coming up… how can March be half over already?
    I’ll see you there!

  2. Ooooo. Tropical pictures!
    It is time to start singing the sheepandwool song. You know how it goes…”sheep and wool, sheep and wool, we are going to sheep and wool!”

  3. Hi~ don’t let the email foolyou. I have recently started to knit. and love it.
    I was wondering how to get(if possible) the pattern to your sock. “silvia’s sock”. I can see that it is farly easy but I am not one to beable to just get it by looking at it. Or is there even a pattern?

  4. Welcome back!!! I’m so glad you liked Me-ji-co. Many a summer holiday has been spent in Northern Mexico, near where you visited. I’ve never had the luxury of knitting over there, though. So glad you did it. I bet it’s something the people on the beach had never seen before. Arriba, arriba!

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