Mix up

Due to a technical error, my previously planned knitted object to share has been ripped back into its ball form.  This unfortunate piece of knitting was a sleeve, a pretty sleeve, but sadly it was accidentally the wrong size.  I’d printed out two patterns from Garnstudio‘s free pattern database for my long cardigan.  I’d decided on one of the patterns with modifications and cast on.  Unfortunately I put both patterns in my knitting basket and inadvertently picked up the wrong one mid sleeve and made it rather smaller than it should have been.  Dork!  I ripped out the whole thing in protest so you don’t get to see it.

Collar Because of my dork error, I picked up the collar on the much neglected and almost complete shearling sweater from Phildar that I started ages ago.  I need to make the collar and two little lapels and this puppy is done, would that I focus on it of course.  I’ve decided that the bumpy popcorn yarn is very annoying with which to knit and have put off knitting this little collar and lapels.  After the pattern switching gaffe described above, I decided it was time to get over my bad attitude and work on the annoying collar.  As you can see I have progressed to the halfway point and have not mixed this pattern up with any stray papers lying about.  Kudos for this feat of intellectual achievement.

Socks As a reward for knitting on the annoying collar, I ate chocolate–no pictures of that as my camera does not have the fast frame picture taking ability that is required when chocolate is available to me.  I also knit upon my vacation sock as a further treat for working on the annoying collar.  As you can almost see from my annoyingly composed picture, one sock is done and the other has been begun.  Lest you think it was kismet that they match, I must confess I lopped off a hunk of yarn to make the repeats start in the same place.  Usually I don’t bother with sort of tight-assedness detail orientation, but the color variation in this pretty sock is quite pronounced and the repeat is easily identifiable, so I bothered.  Nothing too new about these sock, it’s the same 60 stitch short row heel and toe socks I’ve been making since the year one.


In other hot sock news, I did finally receive my Socks That Rock yarn that was ordered on March 4th.  It sadly came when I’d already left for vacation, so it clearly wasn’t meant for vacation knitting.  Not a tragedy, just annoying.  I believe I’ve got Pebble Beach on the left and Red Rock Canyon on the right.  It’s very pretty, nice and soft and a bit on the pricey side for socks so I hope I damn well love these suckers when I finally get around to knitting them up.  They will of course be first aged in the temperature controlled garage stash holding area, contained in the finest in plastic boxes.  A sophisticated yarn connoisseur like me likes to age her yarn stash for optimal performance, no?


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  1. Yarn often refuses to behave unless it’s well-aged. You know, tangles, knots, gauge issues… Sometimes it really needs a year or two (or more) of sitting in the finest plastic box containers before it can be used – don’t ask how I know this!

  2. Your nubby collar looks uber-cool.
    Just to make you feel better about your sweater sleeve- I am knitting a Clapotis, and twice so far I have picked it up and completey not been able to figure out what the he** I was doing becuuse I was looking at the wrong section of the pattern… the second time I very nearly frogged the whole thing after thinking that I had knit every drop stitch row incorrectly (which I had not done!). Whew, that was close…

  3. This one is still very high on my knitting wishlist. I can’t wait to see you modeling this one. It’s definitely Sil material!
    P.S. Sometimes the little finishing bits are the most annoying. I totally sympathize. Fluffy Bolero ribbed bands, anyone?

  4. Hey Syl, I just had an incident where the Blue Moon people had to dye up some yarn for me, and they didn’t mention it. So I was waiting for a while too. It was pebble beach, as well. So perhaps that’s what happened! (Not that they shouldn’t have told you!)

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