More steps back…

Candy Candyswapbutton Before regaling y’all with my latest knitting snafu, I’ll share the goodies with you first.  I joined vacationing Mariko’s candyswap the second I heard about it.  I mean yarn is great, but candy is, well, CANDY!  My swapper (name withheld as I haven’t asked if she’d like to plastered all over the internet) sent me this wonderful assortment of sweets.  Now mind you, there’s a $10 limit so she went all creative on me.  There were a few regional specialties (she’s from TX) that are super yummy and even the peanut butter filled kisses that I’ve been meaning to try.  Yum yum yum.  So thanks to my candypal for such a great treat.  Now the candy pal that I’ve sent goodies too hasn’t posted if she received my package and I’m worried that it’s lost.  How does one handle "anonymous" swap questions?

Now for my next trick…I picked up my Clapotis from one million years ago, and decided it was long enough.  I based that upon how much yarn I had left.  Wait for it…you’re right if you read ahead and figured out that I’d guessed wrong.  I don’t have enough yarn to complete this length of Clapotis and am now ripping back.  This is such a pain in the ass.  First, I’m using alpaca which doesn’t easily relinquish its stitches.  Second, the Clapotis pattern is made by dropping stitches the bias length of the pattern.  Hence I’m ripping out around dropped stitches.  Third, since I have demonstrated my lameness at judging the amount of yarn necessary to complete this project–how will I know when  I’ve ripped enough out?  I’d show you a photo of this travesty of a project buy my digital camera decided it was finally time to break.  It’s quite old and 2 whole megapixels, but it worked fine for my needs.  I now can make it work if I scotch tape the batteries inside the thing as the battery door is busted.  Not a good long term solution.  NanoAny recommendations for inexpensive tiny tiny digital cameras will be happily accepted.

The best part of this whole thing is I don’t really care because my dear friend Laura sent me this music device.  I understand it’s called an iPod Nano…see those baby steps into the 21st century don’t hurt a bit.  Of course it holds 1000 songs.  I don’t have 1000 songs–yet…So the upshot of this sad tale of ripping back the alpaca Clapotis is that it just doesn’t matter.  I’ve got good friends and candy.