Is there such a thing…

as too much yarn.  I say no!  This weekend after a fabulous brunch at Cafe Cacao (yes the Scharfenberger Chocolate folks) with one of my dearest friends I skipped on over to Stash (a super store) to use up a gift certificate from Christmas (!) from other fabulously wonderful friends.  I tried to get some GGH Tajmahal (wool, silk and R36lisettecashmere)–tried being the key word.  I looked at the ball band and the yardage requirement was 450 grams for a woman’s sweater.  Okay, I had the woman in the shop hunt up 10 balls in the gorgeous green tea colorway and almost completed the transaction when I noticed the put up was in 25 GRAM SKEINS!!!  I’d need 18-20 skeins to make a cardigan, putting me at the $200 dollar mark.  Uh SCHWA!  I’m sure there are folks out there who wouldn’t bat an eye at this, but it struck me as nuts–that’s a lot of Cheeseboard pizza.  Granted the yarn is super soft and luscious and they wouldn’t make it if there wasn’t a market for it, but I’d feel like a dork spending that much on one project.  Now if it was shoes, no problem–my psychological limit is much higher on the leather goods.

4plysoft370 Onward…I went back to ball fondling (think of those google hits folks) and returned to my initial choice of Rowan 4Ply Soft in the Whisper (370) colorway.  This is a super soft 100% merino yarn with lots of sproing.  I got enough to make the Lisette Cardigan from Rowan 36 which intrigues me with it’s cool bottom edging.  I also like this sweater pattern I came across on the Strizzy’s blog (she’s got the good taste ya know) and may end up with something that looks like that.  I may even make a Claudia-esque Alice inspired cardigan.  I just don’t know.

What does all this really mean?  It means that Maryland Sheep and Wool will be more about socializing than shopping.  TasdevilI see that you can buy festival merchandise (tees/mugs/totes–not the yarn stuff – 2005 for now) online this year.  Compelling since the line is usually huge and the good stuff sells out fast.  You can look like you’ve gone to the festival and stayed in the comfort of your home…clever.  That means that I’m hauling my patootie all the way across the lower 48 for the lamb burgers and kettle corn.  Oh and the company.  AND making my sister try on every single pair of pants in Nordstrom until she begs for mercy in the Point of View dressing room.