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Thanks for the suggestions regarding the ridges I’d been getting on the stockinette parts of my Lisette cardie knitted up in Rowan 4 Ply Soft.  It looks like I can try purling with a smaller needle, or learning to knit backwards.  Do you ask why I’ve not tried either of these techniques in the intervening days?  Because I lost focus and came across some interesting patterns by the lovely Knit and Tonic.  She has an amusing and interesting blog and has written some very nice patterns.  Since she lives in So Cal, her sweaters are very wearable for those of us in warmer climes or even for you folks in cold climes in the warmer months (keep hoping the warm weather show up people).

So rather than experiment with techniques, I Yarn1ripped out my swatch and bought the patterns for Something Red and Marilyn’s Not So Shrunken Cardigan.  I used the Art Fibers Golden Siam from an ill fated sweater attempt (ran out of yarn before I ran out of garment pieces to make–drat!) for the Not so Shrunken Cardie.  As you can see from the fetal ball of knitting yonder, this pattern is a top down raglan knit flat.  Perfect for those of us with yarn quantity issues.

The second pattern I started is the Something Red cardie and I’m using Knit Picks Shine.  This is also a top down raglan with eyelets at the raglan line.  Very cute and the shortish sleeves are great for warmer weather.  I’ve never used the Knit Picks before and like the Shine very much.  I googled the yarn to get reactions from those using it and it seems everyone liked it, but the Knit Picks has a reputation for slow boat to China delivery when using the free shipping.  I opted for 3 day shipping and still spent way less than the Blue Sky Cotton mentioned in the pattern.  I fondled the Blue Sky in the knit shop the other day and it is indeed the softest yarn, but it shed mightily and looks like a piller.  No thanks.  I’ll stick with the Shine.Yarn2

Now I’ve not abandoned Lisette, I love that beautiful sweater, but I need to work out the stockinette thing or I’ll never be  happy with the finished product.  I also hereby resolve to finish the Phildar Shearling sweater SOON!  It’s almost done and just needs the shearling collars knit up.  This won’t take long, I just hate knitting the shearling yarn and the project isn’t a take along since it’s in French.  It’s sit and concentrate project, so as you can see starting two other sweaters should help me concentrate…not…but dammit, I’m aiming to have that done by Maryland.  Scout’s honor.


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  1. Oh, I’m totally stealing the idea of knitting Something Red with Shine. It feels only fair to tell you that – thanks for the inspiration!

  2. one jealous of your Artfibers yarn!! Will trade phildar (even though that aint no even trade 🙂
    And also, I cant wait to start my somewhat cowl. I love knit and tonic and while not all styles will work I am looking forward to starting that project up (NO SEAMING 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to see your shrunken cardi- I am thinking of making this one (but now I will wait to see how yours turns out!). I love Siam- I would not have thought of it for this project, but I’m thinkin’ now, baby!

  4. don’t the ridges usually go away after washing / blocking. that combination shit just seems like an excuse for people who can’t keep their tension even. 🙂 ha ha ha ha ha.

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