Daylight savings schmavings

Silly_drape_1Why do "they" fuck with my head in the guise of daylight savings time?  I don’t have to bring any crops in, or whatever justification there is for this sleep depriving torment.  Just pick a time and stick to it, that’ll make me happy.  Okay, cranky-time is over–for  now!

To update anyone wondering about using the Knitpicks Shine, go for it.  It’s a nice yarn with a pretty sheen to it.  I’m using it for the Knit and Tonic’s Simply Red Cardie and it’s working very well.  Worried about the drape of the cotton blend yarn?  Worry wart…okay.  Tell you what, I’ll drape it over my foot and take a picture.  This shot is made possible by my double jointed HIPS.  No joking–my freakish hip joints open way far out.  I used to think I was doing some of the yoga moves wrong because they didn’t hurt, but it turns out to be all about how you’re hooked up.  And if anyone finds a really old digital camera held together by scotch tape and encased in a pink sephora bag, it’s mine.  I looked under the seats of my car and it’s not there, so I’m out of likely hiding places…


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  1. Can I join you in the crankdom? I’m still waking up 10 minutes before I’m supposed to be RIDING THE METRO TO SCHOOL. Let’s stick to one hour, mac.

  2. I love both the Not-so-Shrunken Cardi and “Red” patterns; they’re definitely on my want-to-make list. It was nice to see you at Rachael and Lala’s party.

  3. Stupid-ass daylight savings. And stupid-ass spam comments. What is that online casino thing doing there????? How ’bout it? You think I’m cranky too, by any chance????

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