The lilacs are in bloom

Lilac_swtr Despite not making too much progress on my "Maryland" wear shearling sweater, I did work on the Simply Red Cardie.  This is a great take along project for me–just stockinette and some ribbing is fast approaching.  "Fast approaching ribbing" cracks me up.  I digress–which is allowed on a Friday afternoon.  For those not committing my every project to memory, this cardigan is being made of Knitpick’s Shine Worsted.  I am enjoying this yarn very much, it’s soft and not P1010005 splitty (my peeve with cotton) and so reasonably priced, you couldn’t possibly talk yourself out of buying it.  If you’re tempted, give it a try.

Now back to the sweater, this top down raglan will have a picked up button band and collar and is super cute, if I do say so myself.  You wanna see my eyelet raglan lines?  I thought so…


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  1. I literally “oohed” at the eyelet raglan lines.
    I hadn’t seen this project until you linked us to it, you fashion maven. How does the pattern read? Good? I may be a Silvia copycat…

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