Some socks rock, some don’t

Popcorn_collar The picture of what looks like a bad toupee for a really old guy, is really the more than halfway point of the shearling sweater collar.  After completing this collar horror show, I’ll have to make what looks like two furry lamb chops for the lapels and then I’ll be done.  I’ve set the completion date of "Maryland" and it’s looking good.  It better not be freaking 80 degrees like it was one year though.  I’ve also been thinking that this collar will benefit from a bit of non fusible interfacing.  When sewing a collar you interface one side of the collar to help keep it in shape.  This seems like it will be a flopsy mopsy without a bit of interfacing backbone.  Any opinions out there regarding some interfacing in this collar?

Sock_that_may_rock And just in case you take the above evidence of me working on just one project in a focused planned way, I will disabuse you of that silly notion by showing you the beginnings of a sock made of the Socks that may perhaps Rock (I’m not over my snit about their slow shipping methods) in the Pebble Beach colorway.  I’ve reserved judgment about the marriage of this sock pattern to this yarn.  The pattern I’m using is the current pattern from the Six Socks Along group, called Sixth Sense Socks and you can get a peek of the finished product at Susan’s blog (she designed this sock – April 2nd entry has a picture).  I joined up the other day–I really never took in what they’re doing over there–but they make a different sock from a posted pattern every two months.  Now I get it, six socks per year.  I thought it might make me move forward from my comfortable 60 stitch stockinette sock.  So far so good, but I’m still making short-rowed heels and toes.  I mean change is good and all, but let’s not go nuts.


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  1. does that sock have garter at the top of it? it is confusing to me. i think you are definitely looking at an 80 degree maryland considering it is 70 in chicago now and there’s still two weeks to go. you can kiss those shearling sweater on display at maryland dreams goodbye, girl.

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