Increases and Goats


I’ve been allotting time to the three projects I’m actively knitting based upon whim and willingness to use puffy popcorn yarn (yes I’m talking to you shearling collar).  P26_27_1The three are this Something Red sweater in Knitpicks Shine, Phildar Shearling jacket and Six Socks along socks knit in STR pebble beach.Backoverview

Today, we’re talking increases and how they hate me.  The Something Red pattern has you increase across during the ribbing to make a nice fitting bottom (that one’s for you perverted googlers).  The pattern has you increase on the WS and blithely continue on.  I tried every type of increase in my Stanley Knitter’s Handbook (the best book ever), and it being the best book ever had one million different types of increasing methods.  All of them look crappy when executed in the Knitpicks Shine (which is a slippery type yarn–not grabby like some cottons or wools) on the reverse side knit stitches.  After ripping back about 5 times I finally figured out that increasing on the RIGHT side might work better–uh hello synaptic vesicles where are you?  I tried about Wholeenchiladathree or four more increases (this time done on a purl stitch) and found one to be acceptable in this situation.  I combined two methods–I picked up the loop below the knit stitch I’d just knit then PURLED it.  Voila!  Increase with minimal notice-ability to my critical eye.Goats_1  I’m hoping for even more flattening out of increases when it’s blocked.  I also highly recommend the Montse Stanley Knitters Handbook, I use it on every project.

After the stressful series of snafus with this sweater, I retreated to my bathtub.  While in Long’s (love Long’s) the other day I came across this bubble bath.  Who wouldn’t buy bubble bath with a goat on the front?  I would I would!.  I scooped it up and took a tub.  It was delightful and not at all goaty.  In fact it has a subtle fresh scent, and the goat face looking at me while I was lounging in the tub, made me realize that Maryland is almost here!  If you’ve been through the barns at a fiber show you know what I mean.  Lots of goats there, but probably not freshly bathed in Goat’s Milk bubble bath.


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  1. Hi! I was wondering about the blanket on your April 5th post! I caught a glimpse of it under your cute new socks made with the multiring. Can you tell me about it? It looks beautiful.

  2. (Chanting with dancing accompaniment.) We want shearling! We want shearling! We want shearling!
    P.S. I love how you’re a fellow M.S. fan. Montse’s book rocks my knitting world.

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