Lay down

Lay_down Okay, show of hands–who ate so much at Easter dinner they had to lay down?  I suspect you know my hand is up, way up.  It is with this lay down in mind that I bring you up to date on progress of the Something Red Cardie.  You can see that the cardie is also having a lay down.  It could be the shock that I finally finished the body ribbing.  The incredibly long body rounds are a drag in the one piece knit game, but it really does work well and also minimizes the amount of sewing to be done.

Having finally reached the desired length of the ribbed portion of our sweater, I had to decide on a cast off.  Had this been a 2×2 rib I would have immediately begun the tubular cast off–a very nice cast off for rib.  Sure, it’s a royal pain in the ass, but it looks very nice in the end.  Sadly, I’ve got 2×4 rib here, and trying to figure out tubular rib for this combo of stitches was way too hard for my ham engorged body.  I pulled out my Montse Stanley and tried the decrease bind off that she’s recommended before my regular all occasion "basic" bind off.  Sadly, the decrease bind off looked like crap, so rip rip and "basic" saved the day.  It looks quite nice from the right side, which is the side that counts.  As soon as the queasiness passes, I’ll sit up and work on those sleeves.  Promise Easter Bunny!


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  1. I ate SO MUCH on Sunday that I spent all of yesterday digesting. E-gads. Someone send over a snout mask so I can wear it.
    And when in knitting doubt, go with Montse. I love how she calls the basic bind off and basic cast on “good all rounders”.

  2. Looks good Sil. I also ate way too much but feel like it’s a waste to pass by the Easter chocolate without eating at least a few…handfuls….bags…. LOL

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