Round ’em up

As Maryland approaches, I feel I must organize the myriad of projects in my head.  This sounds like a nice thing to do, but let me tell you–it’s like a classroom full of kindergardeners when you’re passing out the candy.  Me!!  Me!!!  Here!!!  My Maryland shopping list will be EXTREMELY brief–like "don’t buy anything bonehead", or something along those lines.  Let’s face it, my yarn is in the garage and my car is on the street.  Does that sound like I need more yarn?  Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

1cambridgejacketSince I can’t fantasize about yarn aquisitions, I can think about patterns to use up said yarn.  I will not mention projects currently being worked upon–boring…Patterns in my future are Lisette from Rowan 36, Marilyn’s Not So Shrunken Cardigan and Green Gable.  I’ve got the yarn and the patterns for all these, so that’ll be about the doin’.  1evenstarteeUnless I change my mind.

What’s new in the pattern world…hmmm Interweave has some nice sweaters coming out.  I know, I’m as shocked as many of you because that mag has been beaten by the ugly stick (and the blurry camera stick) something fierce of late.  Uh yeah, I wanna make a sweater that’ll make me look like I’m smuggling 5 lb sacks of potatoes out of the grocery.  Good one.  That said, the preview up on their site has some nice (albeit blurry and oddly art directed) sweater photos.  My fave is the Cambridge cardie on the dude.  Vks06delicate2smNice, simple wearable–collar down of course.  The Evening Star Top is cute too–looks like it needs mods though.  We shall see.  The proof’s in the pattern.

Shall we step over to the sometimes horror show of Vogue KnittingVks06roman2sm_1This knit/crochet hybrid caught my eye.  A few mods (color and button choice) would make this a cute, wearable sweater.  Unfortunately, by the time I got around to making this, it’d be way out of style.  I may not make this exact sweater, but it would be worth playing around with the juxtaposition of knit and crochet so I thank Vogue Knitting for the inspiration. The 40s Bedjacketinspired sweater has some lovely use of texture and cable stitches.  I’m choking looking at the model in that collar, but a wearable sweater.  We won’t EVEN go into the bedjacket or the bikini…wtf!Bikini  I must say, I like their art direction and styling.  Props where props are due people.

Enough of the talking and back to the knitting.  Cheers!


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  1. I’m making that 40’s style Vogue sweater now — oh my GOD what a lot of mistakes it has. Bastards. But it’s so cute…
    Hey, you going to TKGA?

  2. I choose those two patterns from VK as well. The 40s-inspired top is so lovely, but reading about the errata (Rachel’s comment) makes me feel better that I showed restraint and didn’t cast on immediately.
    What was the fate of the little bolero?

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