1906_stereograph Yesterday while I was at work, gas went up 12 cents a gallon.  In eight hours!  Crikey.  I don’t fret too much about gas prices because a. I don’t use much and b. my little car gets 30 mpg.  It must suck to be all those people in their v8 cars passing me on the freeway incline.  I even stopped and bought gas this morning (I didn’t need any) because it was under $3 and who doesn’t love a bargain.  Between the gas craziness and the Bush visit to Meadowood craziness, you just want to stay inside, sitting quietly.  For those locals, I heard on the radio this a.m. highway 29 will be closed in Napa for el presidente.  And don’t even get me started on the cheapest off season room at Meadowood being $450 and he’s rented out the ENTIRE resort and members aren’t allowed there this sunny weekend…seems like those are his peeps he’s screwing.  Me, I’m heading for SF to see this exhibit at the SFMOMA to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the "Big One" (not Arnold).  Looks cool doesn’t it.

Get_jpg_detail_image Knitting progress has been made, but sleeves being completed and a button band cast on for doesn’t make for interesting pictures.  The Something Red Cardie is almost done and I’m off to find one button to complete the picture.  I’ve been neglecting my "Maryland" shearling sweater in favor of the Something Red, so this may be good news for that shearling to get done in the short two weeks ahead.

Since a post isn’t complete without pretty pictures, check out the cute linoleum print of sheep I just bought on etsy (I love etsy).  This is from RainyPrints‘ store.  I’ve never bought yarn or fiber things off there (don’t need yarn ya know), but I’ve got a few necklaces and earrings that are cute and fun.  Another great link I’ve just come across is the CondeNastArt site.  If you like old magazine covers, art or photos check it out.  Cool stuff.


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  1. Thanks for the Conde Nast link! I went through all of the Vogue covers. I have the Hot Weather Fasion Number, July 1, 1919. I pan to get a fresh copy of it to be mounted and framed.

  2. Did you see the show on TV about the 1906 earthquake? It was really freaky! Our big plan at my house is to loot the grocery store across the street if the big one hits, but we will have to go early so that we can get the good wine and cheese before it is all gone.

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