Who’s got balls?  It’s me…What is it?

Madil Kid Seta from Imaginiknit (a really great store)

70% super kid mohair / 30%silk

230 yards – 25 g.

This stuff is the softest mohair ever and I’ve had an idea for a scarf, but until now have done nothing to implement the genius that is my head.After_1  I had my idea and then saw a similar implementation of my idea in a Japanese knitting book at Kinokuniya in Japantown.  I didn’t buy the book since it’s not a really "complex" idea.  Since this idea requires colors and I didn’t feel like buying 3 skeins of mohair to make a novelty scarf, I bought ONE skein of white kid mohair and Koolaid – I can be surprisingly thrifty if it doesn’t involve leather goods or cute little wool coats.  From left to right you see Cherry, Pink Lemonade and Grape.  Yup, microwave dyed the mohair with the Koolaid and a glug of white vinegar.  Super easy.  The cherry is still leeching dye, but I used the whole packet and it probably only needed 1/3.  Oh well, they’re about 10 cents a packet and smell so deliciously fruity, what the hell.  I will try to work on this project tonight so you can see what I have planned…cue devilish laughter…(really I’ll do anything not to work on the shearling sweater.)


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