Continental Knitting

South_america_mapbetterChartIt’s funny, I know I knit continental-style, but today I noticed that my knitting is looking like a continent.  Either I’ve mixed up the lapel  chart of the Phildar shearling sweater with a map of South America, or those Phildar chart creators have a funny sense of humor.  To give you an idea of my lapel progress, I’m working on Chile, Argentina and shooting for Uruguay.

I didn’t really enjoying the bumpy popcorn ball knitting of the collar, I’m getting to feel like this part of the project is jinxed – or at least has bad juju. Why do I say that?  Collar_or_towelJust look at the worlds biggest collar made of popcorn yarn…  I mean this collar has taken me forever to knit up and now it looks like my gym towel.  In fact it would be rather nice to use after stepping off the elliptical machine.  Absorbent, soft and HUGE!  I’m hoping that when I tack the collar together and ease it into the neck of the sweater all will be well, but one worries when so much time and effort has been spent.Condom_cozy

Perhaps I just focus on my other project, the colored mohair silk that I koolaid dyed to make a long skinny scarf.  Sadly, the bit of this scarf that I’ve knit up so far looks like a big ol’ dildo cozy or a very ineffective mohair condom.  Now, a mohair condom is more than slightly creepy and uncomfortable sounding, but here it is…pretty, yet disturbing.  My plan is to make either a long skinny color block scarf or knit up three tubes and braid them together to make a scarf.  I don’t think I’ve got enough yarn for the braided version so my best guess is the long, skinny color block version will win.  I’ve got some Morehouse laceweight that I can over dye (I bought strange UCLA colored yarn for some reason–I’m a Berkeley girl so that won’t do) to make the braided scarf.  That would be a good thing as working through some stash yarn always makes me feel virtuous.  Curiously, that virtuous statement of mine would be more effective if it didn’t look like I was knitting up a big ol’ dildo cozy.


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  1. You crack me up! I quiver to think what you would re-name the various projects on my couch! I do want to see the gym towel in situ, finished. I like the idea of a braided tube scarf. Hmmm.

  2. I’m laughing OUT LOUD here…you slay me!
    I personally think the collar is going to look fab once it’s sewn in and when it’s paired with the lapel.

  3. Funny! I saw this cool pattern in Alternaknits with a long knit tube like that, and then she put a long piece of some silky light fabric in there. It looked really cool. I’ve been meaning to make one, but I haven’t had the patience to cast on 190 stitches with bamboo circulars and light light light yarn.

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