Shiny Finished Object!

Sweater See what happens when the rain finally stops here in California?  Sweaters are finished–that’s what!  This fine sweater was a super easy top down raglan with some fun short rowing at the back neck to make it fit nicely.

I didn’t really modify the pattern, other than change the closure from a button and buttonhole to a clasp.  I had made the buttonhole and had the whole thing finished but I didn’t like the way the button twisted in the buttonhole and it didn’t stay closed.  I’d also bound off the button band too tightly and it didn’t flatten out when I blocked it.  Note that if you make this sweater, bind off much more loosely than you’d ever think.  Bind off a few inches then give it a tug and see if it flattens out.  Mine did the SECOND time, and trust me it’s a very long mo fo button band.

I bought a simple clasp closure and let me tell you, finding a simple one at Joann was hard.  ThereClasp were all the faux celtic looking hooks and high victorian hugely ornate ones.  They made we want to scream all the way out of the button aisle, which is not really recommended shopping protocol-even at Joann’s.

Project Specs:

Pattern – Something Red Cardigan from Knit and Tonic

Yarn – Knitpicks Shine Worsted (60% Pima Cotton, 40% Modal;75 yards/50 gram ball); 11 skeins in wisteria

Although I used 11 skeins of Shine worsted, I BOUGHT 15 skeins just in case.  What to do with the extra skeins…hmmm…I saw a cute little scarf on Action Hero Melissa’s blog.  It’s Vickie Howell’s Kick Ass-cot scarf and will take up about one skein of Shine.  Perfect…


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