Not even trying…

Shearling_1 Yup, I’m not even trying to finish the shearling sweater before I fly east for Maryland on Thursday night.  Not gonna do it…There’s too much to get done and I don’t want to rush it and do a half assed job finishing up this sweater.  As compensation for an actual FO, I’ve delicately positioned the pieces together in a feng shui type of arrangement for an arty portrait.  Doesn’t it look like it’s going to be cute?  I think so.  Of course, it was about 80 degrees today, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to wear it.  Well, as problems go, it’s not too horrible.Ash

I’ve become intrigued with mohair in recent  days.  I know, I’m the founder of the "I Hate Mohair" fundamentalist sect, but this Madil Kid Seta that I koolaid dyed for my super skinny color block scarf has turned my head by it’s incredible softness.  I surfed across some more of this stuff on sale and bought a few skeins in dusty pink to make this little Rowan number from Rowan 36.  It’s kind of retro-70’s looking and will be very fun in pink.  I plan on finishing the coordinating skinny scarf over the long Maryland weekend since it’s the perfect mindless take-along project.  Maybe I’ll find some of those lucite clear plastic platforms that I remember from my childhood and I’ll be one rockin’ 70s momma.  Because you know, one of Claudia and my Maryland rituals is the DSW shopping in Columbia.  It’s not a Sheep and Wool until we shop for shoes!  Now go over to her site and donate to her MS ride…mach schnell!


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  1. Shearling, you will be VERY cute. Yes, even if you didn’t get a trip to MS&W.
    That Rowan top is one of my favorite things from that particular mag. So floaty! So gauzy! I love the drawstring closure.
    Hm…maybe I’ll knit it with ya!

  2. Hmmm sheep and shoes — hard to have a problem with that combination. A shame we’ll be missing the shearing sweater in Maryland, though. But I can completely sympathize with dealing with a lot of finishing work!

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