I’m knackered

Knackered is the best way to describe how one feels after taking a red-eye…I’m in Boston ready for our trip down to Maryland later today!  So excited.  I ended up taking a red-eye east because it’s a super-super-super busy time at work.  As usually happens, when you request time off for say, sheep and wool festivals, your boss schedules a photo shoot for the catalog for which you work that very time.  Luckily my boss is nice and still lets me have time off, but it means I’m tired…As an aside, we were even able to procure the modeling services of a knitblogger extraordinaire for our shoot.  I can’t wait to see her pix when I get back to the office.  Doesn’t seem fair though, making her work while I go to MDSW!?!

Any-who, I did get my NEW camera just hours before I left for my red-eye on Thursday.  I’ve been studying the manual and feel ready to take pix of the festival.  Stay tuned…


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  1. Eagerly awaiting new-cam reviews. And hey, if you get a mo’ before you and Sis have to fly down to MD, do stop at Windsor Button in Boston. But then again, if you’re going to MDSW, why do you need the WB?

  2. I did have a pang of envy when we arrived at 6:45 in the mist and cold, but the shoot was wonderful. The crew was so great to work with and the whole atmosphere was just relaxed and fun. I had a great time! Thank you again for the opportunity.

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