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Littlecamera1 So much about which to blog, but so little time.  I met so many bloggers at MDSW that it was impossible to keep them all in my pea brain.  I think that for NYSW we should all make shirts with blog names and URLs and wear them around so we can figure out who’s who.  I know I usually cut my head off in blog pix, not out of a wish to be anonymous, but rather I’m usually sans makeup and gnarly haired.  No need to put that out there–public service you know.

I Sockkit3 was so happy to get my little camera in time for my trip to Boston/Maryland.  I ended up buying the Casio EX-S600 in orange.  It’s a 6 mega-pixel camera designed to be a point and shoot kind of camera for those of us who use it mostly to take snapshots and the like.  It works great, but I’m still on the learning curve as to how to use it and to use it to it’s best advantage.  So far, I’d heartily recommend it to anyone wanting a small, handy camera to take snapshots.  It even takes movies, but I’ve got no idea how that miracle happens.

SockkitOkay, enough camera showing off.  Let’s begin with a bit of Maryland showing off.  I’ll start with the prettiest needle roll ever.  It’s Cassie’s Emergency Sock Kit!  I LOVE love love it!  Thanks Cassie.  The fabrics she chose are so pretty and interesting and work incredibly well together.  Her mitered corners make me cry, they’re so pretty.  I immediately shoved some of my loose sock needles into it and don’t they look pretty!

I shall try my very best to get my pix uploaded asap, but today is a get back to the gym and then beer drinking at the local micro brew day, so if something’s gotta give I’m afraid it won’t be my workout or the pint of Red Rooster


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  1. Welcome back! The camera is cute and purdy and very you, of course. Now get thee to the gym and to the beer you can come back and show us some more pictures, already.

  2. Hey, its just that you have great taste and picked the best one. I’m very happy you like it – I hope it gets much use and makes your sock knitting ….. happier? better? more organized? All of the above. Great to finally get to meet you.

  3. OOH! The blog-url T-shirt idea is fantastic! I know I saw a lot of bloggers who I either recognized or sort-of recognized, but wasn’t 100% sure it was them, etc.
    BTW, my friends and I think we spotted you and Claudia walking past us, but didn’t register it until y’all were way past us . . . we turned around and said “CLAUDIASILVIA!”, but maybe we weren’t loud enough. Or maybe it wasn’t you! 😉

  4. That is the sexiest little camera! Perfect for a sexy redheaded girl…
    Can’t wait to see your MDSW pix – I am living vicariously through you – although that crowd shot below scared the bejesus outta me…

  5. I agree about Cassie’s ESKits! I had no idea I was so disorganized until I stocked my kit and no longer had needles sticking out between the cushions of the couch…
    How’d the camera hold its charge? (Batteries or ?)

  6. I have an earlier Exilim and I love it…I think you’ll enjoy yours. I mostly love how it it so nice and small. They just came out with a 10 MP one, too, and I’m wondering if it’s just as small!

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