Swag Roundup

First things first–the Maryland 2006 photo album has been created in the side bar at left.

Before Maryland S&W I’d said my GOAL was to buy nothing as I don’t really need anything.  Notice I said GOAL–not absolute, set in stone festival plan.  Turns out the  nothing plan was WAY too lofty for this gal.  I purchased a bit.  Just a bit.

Let’s look at the purchases in order of appearance shall we.

Backpackswag1 It all began Saturday, 6 May 2006, 10:30 am-ish: Claudia, Cassie and I arrive after sitting in festival-going traffic for about an hour.  Luckily we’d stopped at Starbucks and had coffee/tea and pastries to sustain us.

We stood in the swag line, took turns going to the bathroom and gave all our friends cuts in line.  There were some nice festival items this year, with the noteworthy addition of fitted tees and tanks for ladies!  Yeah!  I got a tank, but no picture – so sorry.  I’ve got a thing for bags.  Love them.  Do I need another tote bag?  No, the one I bought two years ago is used every damn day as my gym bag.  But luckily, I asked if they had backpacks and they had this little cinch backpack thing.  Perfect!  I used it all festival long and didn’t have to worry about clocking fellow shoppers with huge totes.  They still clocked me, but I’m hoping to be a trend setter.

Next purchase was yarn.  Confession:  I’ve got a cormo habit.  It’s bad.  One sweater’s worth per festival man…Yup, went to the cormo booth and gave them almost all my cash.  I’ve not got a picture of this purchase since the shepherd is sending me my order.  They didn’t have enough yarn in the booth for a sweater for me.  I’ll certainly post a picture when it comes, but it’s natural dark chocolate cormo in a worsted weight.  I can’t wait to design the perfect Sil sweater for this lovely Yarnswag1stuff.  I purchased this yarn from the shepherd that wins all the ribbons at the festival for her beautiful fleeces, so you can imagine how nice this will be.

In addition to the big hunk of cormo, I bought a few more yarn items.  The blue and green skeins are a cotton/rayon blend that is so pretty and drapey from a Michigan vendor.  That is destined to be a little summery cap sleeve sweater of some sort.  The sock yarn you see is Fortissima wool in wonderful orange – of Brownpin22course.  The Regia is a silk/wool blend in charcoal.  I’d never seen this combo before and it’s so soft and luxurious, it couldn’t be passed up.  This yarn is destined for boy socks for Dave–isn’t he lucky?

See not so much with the yarn huh?  Okay now fGreenpin_2or the shawl pins.  Schwa???  This vendor is Moving Mud and was new to the festival so I had to buy something to make them feel welcome.  I  know, I don’t have shawls and consequently don’t have a great need for shawl pins.  BUT, as an outside the box thinker, I didn’t see glass shawl pins.  I saw gorgeous glass Sockcocktail2necklaces!  I bought two of them…couldn’t help it.  They were so beautiful.  The brown one is smaller and has a white froth on the side.  It reminds me of a big ol’ glass of cola with lots of ice.  Yum.  The larger one is green with a smattering of ORANGE bits on the side.  Love that one!  Must purchase that.  I still need to buy pretty cords to make necklaces out of these, but that’s the easy part.  I’ll do that this weekend.

But what to do with those glass sticks?  They’re pretty too, just not functional for me.  Hmmmm…I know…Swizzle sticks!!!!  Outside the box I tell you…way outside.