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1231 Not too much knitting going on in Sil’s world, it’s hot and I got onto a bit of a sewing jag.  I cut out a skirt and a blouse, but haven’t started the sewing part so I’ve got nothing good craftwise to show all y’all.1271  I do have one Socks That Rock Sock done, but you can’t show one finished sock, it’s got to be bad luck.

But in order to give you something upon which to feast your eyes this fine Monday, I’ve got beautiful pix of the Sonoma Coast taken yesterday with the new Casio camera.  Although it was hot inland (mid to upper 80s) it was a perfect 66 1261degrees with no wind right at the coast.  How do I know this?  Dave’s brand spanking new Audi A4 was delivered and put through a few paces on those curvy coastal roads.  Even an indifferent car person like me knows this is a sweet ride, plus the built-in thermometer gives you these accurate temperature readings, among its other charms (6 cd changer boggled my luddite mind).  Cool.  And my camera worked well too!  Everyone has a new toy!

Stay dry you east coast knitters!


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  1. Sew and knit? Who can sew and knit when you’ve got a freaking audi to zoom around in with the beach in sight.
    Now excuse me while I die of envy.

  2. Wow that looks like a really pretty drive! I think showing sewing projects when they are cut out and not finished yet might be bad luck too, I showed some jeans I cut out, oh about a year ago, and they still aren’t finished!

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