Shawl pin schmawl pin

112 Have you ever had one of those moments of clarity where you realize, say, that just because you LIKE jewelry and want to MAKE jewelry, doesn’t mean you have the time or knowledge to do so?  I’ve been buying beads and wires and things for months, even bought a book, and haven’t made diddly squat.

I113 seem to have hit upon an good foothold into the jewelry game with these glass shawl pins from Maryland (vendor was Moving Mud).  I only had to get cord and make it close somehow.  I bought some satiny rat-tail and some matte black braided cord.  I decided to start with the rat-tail because it was shiny.  Yeah I’m simple like that.  I found little tube things with loops at the ends for holding the lobster claw closure.  I cut an arbitrary length of cord, shoved the tubey things on the end and squished them on with my handy and much loved needle nose pliers.  I managed to needle nose a closure on one of the loops and voila.  New necklace!  I’m wearing it at work right this very minute.  It 114may not match my outfit perfectly, but it does match my sandals in case I throw down some yoga positions.

Interestingly, I had a dream this a.m. about using a pretty luminous or sheer ribbon and making this a choker…I never remember my dreams–but I guess if they’re about jewelry they stick in the old noggin.  I shall have to find the ribbon I’m dreaming of.  My first stop will be M&J, any other places I should check out peeps?