Cormo in the house

Brown_cormo The beautiful natural colored chocolate cormo has made it to tCormo_in_the_sunhe west coast.  I bought six skeins of this cormo at Maryland Sheep and Wool from the Cormo Association booth.  The shepherd mailed the wool to me as she didn’t have six skeins left at the show.  To give you perspective, this was on day ONE of the festival, about an HOUR after it opened.  I always go to the cormo folks Marc_jacobs_swtrfirst because of this run on the good stuff.

The yarn is just the prettiest color, and those pictures show it indoors and out in the sun.  Soft and pretty.Orange_collar

Now I’ve got to decide what it eventually wants to be.  I’ve found a few pictures that are interesting or have compelling elements in their design. The little red sweater at left is Marc BabydollJacobs and I quite like the button detail–very Bavarian. The orange sweater on the right is cashmere.  Yum.  The sweater is a very fine gauge that I’d never attempt to reproduce, but the collar is a nice shape and proportions.

My favorite sweater is this babydoll sweater at the left.  So simple, yet so pretty.  I’ll have to play with gauge and needle size to see if I can get a swatch looking that nice.  Plus, it’ll give me time to make some wool flannel shorts and stock up on tights to complete the look.  Uh, not so much.


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  1. So jealous of your Cormo yarn! Do you recommend a particular source for purchasing Cormo yarn and/or roving? I’d love to get my hands on some too.
    I recently found your blog and enjoy reading it. BTW, I vote for the red sweater– the design is quite charming!

  2. I totally agree with you on all the sweaters. I love the look of the red sweater’s shaping and buttons. I love the collar of the orange sweater, but not so much the rest of it. The babydoll sweater will look adorable on you. So, I think it should be a sweater mashup: babydoll sweater shaping with interesting button detail and long collar. Yeah!

  3. Fine then. As soon as the Angora goats get here from TX, I’m going on a search for cormo sheep. Now that I’m getting all these fiber animals I really ought to look into some instruction for that wheelie-spinny thing in my living room.

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