In looking at the past few entries, I realized that I’ve shown y’all what I’d LIKE to work on, what I SHOULD work on and what I’m NOT working on, 74packagelargebut no actual footage of what I AM working on.  Situation rectified.

My present project is Ash from Rowan #36 (pattern #2).  Instead of using Rowan Kidsilk Haze, I’m using the much more "Sil" priced Madil Kid Seta.  This yarn has been a great sub so far, it’s the same gauge and yardage as the Ash_close_upRowan but only costs about 2/3 as much.  Kid Seta is also super-duper soft, it’d have to be since I’m a founding member of the "Me NO Likey Mohair" advisory panel, plus it’s blended with silk and who doesn’t like silk?

Isn’t that a pretty little lacy number?  I’m thinking of making so sort of fun summery skirt/top combo to wear with this.  I also think it’ll be nice over a baby tee worn with jeans when the weather finally turns and stays warmer.  Confession:  when I knit this up I start humming that "Pretty in Pink" song from the Psychedelic Furs circa 1984.  What?  You want to sing along…here’s your spot.


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  1. How darling that lace pattern looks! Thanks for the “pretty in pink” song, it’ll be rattling around my head for days now.
    I saw you walking down Kentucky street next to Knitterly the other day and I almost called out to say hi, but then I figured you’d think I was a blog “stalker”. So anhyow… hi!

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