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Pink6 If any of you have been wondering where that beyatch has been, let me just say I’ve been working.  No, really.  REALLY…I’ve also been spammed to death here in the past week so I’ve had to turn on the "test" thing for those posting.  Annoying but necessary at the moment.

I’ve been knitting, and have posted this oh so fascinating incremental progress shot of my version of Ash by our friends at Rowan.  So far so good, it’s an easy pattern to remember.  The trick is to remember to bring it along so you can work on it.  Luckily my new project tote along is a Ziploc bag so this project will remain fresh and crispy.  It’ll need all the help considering my non-blistering pace.

To add to the fun, let me share some nice patterns I’ve come across in my surf activity.  First is Tulip by Lisa at My Life in Stitches.  So cute and that Katia Jamaica yarn is calling my name.  I must resist.

Another adorable summery type sweater I ran across is Cherry at Amelia Raitte.  Another winner in my not so humble opinion.  Plus her size range goes down to 32" bust so that it’ll fit all the small girls who don’t like to do math (guess who I mean here).

Then, Rose-Kim Knits (who is one funny gal) had a link to the preview of Interweave’s Knitscene Fall 2006 Preview.  I clicked for giggles since Interweave and I don’t see eye to eye on design aesthetic.  Their "pretty" is my "what the fuck?"  Until today.  They have lots of winners in this mag, and for those counting, that’s TWO issues of their magazine I’ve not found offensively ugly.  I shan’t be subscribing yet, they’d just get cocky and go back to out of focus photography (inadvertent not arty, mind) and photo styling by the local preschool.  Clearly they’ve kicked it up a notch from those bad old days.  Props to them.


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