Skirting the issue

Plaid_skirt Don’t worry, I’m not cranky anymore :)…  Why?  I finished a skirt!  Yeah!  From that strobey picture at left, you can probably guess that I made a plaid skirt.  You can also see why newscasters don’t wear plaid onair.  It looks like my skirt dropped acid and then I took the picture–or something like that.

Actually this is quite a simple skirt.  A-line shape with front and back yokes.  I cut the yokes on the bias and the skirt on the straight grain.  It zips at the side, and I topstitched the top and bottom of the yoke.  I put two zippers into this fine Plaid_swatchlittle skirt.  First was the invisible zipper.  I get a bit anal about getting the stitching as close as possible to the zipper teeth on the invisible zipper installation.  I was ripping some stitches out with my razor sharp seam ripper and–wait for it–I cut right into my zipper and the slider fell right off.  Crap!  It’s a black zipper with black thread.  Holy crap!

I did eventually get that bad boy out and went to plan B, the lapped application with an entirely new zipper.  I added two strips of interfacing where the zipper lies on the side seam to make the seam sturdy enough to handle this lapped zipper.  That worked fine and the zipper lays down just fine.

After the two zipper debacle, it was smooth sailing.  I even hemmed the skirt (blind hem with the machine) so that it’s longer in back to drape over my junk in the trunk and be even with the trunkless front.

6410 This pattern is New Look 6410.  The biggest modifcation I made with this skirt wasn’t with the pattern, it was the material.  I used fabric from the stash and know this plaid is wool or maybe a wool/poly blend.  Since I don’t remember buying it, I figure it wasn’t too pricey so I decided to shrink the material in the washer because I hate dry cleaning (both on environmental and cost bases).  Well by the smell, I know that there’s alot of wool in the material.  I just washed it in cold with the regular cold load and popped it in the dryer for 10 minutes on low and hung it dry.  It didn’t hurt it one bit, it’s now softer than when I started, and I have a wool skirt that’s washable.  Fab-u-lous.