Green like pines

Greentank When last we spoke I mentioned that after I finish up the two projects I currently have on needles, I’d be making the Morehouse Merino Webtank in black (no minibagels).  Why, then, am I showing you my pretty new green yarn?  Because I’m WEAK people.

I innocently went to the local knit shop after a visit to my bikini waxer next door for a magazine.  Only a magazine.  You know, that new Knitscene is out.  Well they didn’t have it yet and I wandered to the back of the store and saw for the very first time that there is a CLEARANCE section.  Schaw?  All these random yarns are 40% off?  Doesn’t hurt to look.  I ended up with six balls of Cascade Fixation in (4 green and 2 variegated greens) for $20 out the damn door!

So what you see above is the start of a tank using the four balls of green that I got.  On sale.  On accident.  I’m making up the pattern, so I’ve got nothing show you.  I think it’ll go nicely with the pines up in Tahoe where we’ll be celebrating the extra long holiday weekend.  I’ll take some nice piney shots for y’all.  I’m so glad I don’t have to work holidays anymore!


A touch of the malaise

Nexttop_2 You gotta imagine that when a gal wears her project as a summer dress in a previous blog post, she’s trying real hard to make it interesting to folks passing by the blog.  Well I could show you get a few more stripes progress on the prefelted laptop case, or even a few more rows on my Rowan Ash, but no!  I shan’t subject you to that.  I’ll show you what I’m planning on making after I free up those size 11 circs currently making the felted laptop bag.

This is the Morehouse Merino WebTop Knitkit that I bought at Maryland THIS year in black.  (Did you catch that "this year" crap?)  It’s a really easy circular project that is knit on huge needles.  A quick fix for this junkie.  But since I only have one set of size 11 circs, I must finish the laptop bag before this puppy gets started.  I love the how simple and elegant the lines of this top are, along with the drapiness of the collar.  Loved it from the moment I saw it in their booth.  I’ll try and pick up the KnitScene tomorrow to scope out future project possibilities–I’m fortunate that my bikini waxer is right next to my LYS.  That should be motivation enough to de– ex-foliate, no?

Pinky time


Before I tell you why I’m knitting what looks like bloomers, let me just say that I’m not a natural with the lace knitting.  Sure I can handle myself with an edging or two, but a whole freaking lace garment, me thinks not.

So it boggles the mind when I go to my sister’s blog to see today’s prize reveal for her MS Ride this weekend and Angela has not only knit a lace shawl in under two weeks, but is giving it away as a prize to one of those donating to the MS RideRock on sister!  Go DONATE if can since the race is this weekend and the prizes get awarded on Monday!  Claudia‘s got over $16,000 knitter dollars so far and will be riding 150 miles in the rain this weekend.  Help cure a disease and possibly get a prize, a win-win situation if ever I heard of one.

PinkyupcloseOkay, back to the bloomers.  That is actually Ash from Rowan #36.  Described mockingly as a "lacy cardigan (with) a simple, sexy shape and light, delicate looks…for the intermediate knitter."  Why mockingly you ask?  Because despite knitting on the thing constantly for WEEKS with the tiny needles and doubled yarn, that’s all I’ve got.  It’s the fronts and about an 1" of the back…Did I mention Angela made a whole freaking gorgeous shawl in like 10 days!  Don’t mind me, I’ll be taking deep cleansing breaths while rocking back and forth in the corner while whinging.  Rock on sister!

Snow bunny


Why is Silvia wearing snow shoes in June when it’s 95 degrees outside?  Well I just love to sweat.  No, that’s not it, how about these puppies are much much cheaper in June than they are in November.  My old "snow" boots were purchased in NYC when I first moved to NY from CA and discovered that my flip flops weren’t going to be a year-round item in the big ol apple.  This was circa 1994.  I still had them and they leaked and kept my feet cold as all getout.

Move forward 12 years and back to CA where it’s currently 95 degrees and will be so for the rest of the week.  Why snow boots?  You ask, have you so much money you don’t know what to do with it?  NO no, I say.  It’s Zappos‘ fault.  After this last winter’s snow trip I’d decided to get new snow boots as I couldn’t torment my godchildren enough with icicle feet.  They’re older and hardier now so I need better equipment to have time enough to torment them with snowballs and such before frostbite set in and it was toddy time for moi.  I looked for show boots upon my return from Tahoe last winter and was amazed at the price of these items.  No wonder I’d skipped them for twelve years.  Enter Zappos.  They let you add shoes to your "favorites" list and you can track them until they go on sale and you can justify buying them.  Hence the snow shoes in June, in a size 5 no less.  I love shoes…even mufugly ones like these.

I have not been drinking

SillysilFirst off, NO alcohol has passed these lips.  None–yet…

I wanted to jazz up my progress photo a bit because incremental progress on a felted laptop bag is DULLLLLL…I don’t even care and it’s my freakin project.  Well heck, since I’m changing for the gym anyhow, why not show the "bag" as a dress.   It’ll be like one of those dumb articles in the fashion mags that tell you how to wear that little blouse one million ways and alway end up looking dumb.  Besides, who lives that "perfect for going out straight from the office" kind of life.  Not me chicas…

Other than this, go give my sister MS Ride Donations–she’s thhhhiissss close to her goal!  Then go wish Kerrie a Happy Birthday.  THEN go wish Thumper Dogs Steal Yarn a SUPER Happy Birthday!  THEN go have an adult beverage because you’re wearing an unfelted bag as an outergarment.

Hot hot heat

Headband It’s been rather hot here in norCal lately and when it’s hot I like to pull my hair back in a pony or clip it up.  I came upon this cute little headband pattern at Heather Bailey’s site and wanted to pass this fun, easy project along.  It’s quite an easy project and a great way to use up those fabric bits that are lying around.  Not that I have any fabric bits lying around…

And for those of you who’ve got baby showers and such to attend, there’s also a link to her Bitty Baby Booties freebie pattern.  You could go nuts with the embellishments and such.  Heather’s a talented gal and many thanks for the fun patterns.  Now everyone should have a sewing project in the offing, no?

Tip top stripey top

Top261336_frt The stripey top that I knocked off from an Anthropologie item is complete.  It only took about an hour to sew up but I was being a slacker.  I finished it yesterday and I very much like it.  As you can imagine it’s super comfy and would be suitable for a maternity top, if indeed I was using my uterus for such purposes.  I’m not, but it’s nice to have options I guess.

I didn’t use a pattern for this top, I just looked at the picture of theirs and copied it.  Their top has an elastic back, but I made pleats in back too.  I thought I’d just go big if I was going to go for it.  My top is 29" long from shoulder and I’d guesstimate that I used about 1.5 yards of 55" cotton fabric.  My cost was $6, theirs costs $278 Nl_6603(hence the need to knock it off).  While I know it’s not usually cheaper to sew (or knit) clothes, it certainly was in this case.

INl_6604‘d like to get busy and make some more little tops for warm weather wear.  I’ve picked up a few New Look patterns and especially like these looks,  New Look 6603, and New Look 6604.  Cute, easy and way under $200 per top.   🙂

Stripey Goodness

1113 The striped felted laptop bag has been zipping along on size 11 needles.  As you can see from the photos, the progress is fast and furious and what you see is about 12" long.  I’m shooting for 50" long, so I shan’t rest upon my laurels.  I’m enjoying the stripe sequences very much and the random stripe generator is great.  You just enter your information and preferences and keep hitting refresh until you find the right combination to your eye.  My color choices seem to scream baby blanket, but maybe I’m just being overly critical.

Stripe_jogI did have to think about weaving in massive amounts of ends.  In a nutshell, I didn’t wanna…I know shocking.  I decided to change colors by knitting 5 to 6 stitches with both colors, old and new, before the end of the row.  That way I can knit on in the new color and snip off the old yarn without having any ends to weave in.  I wouldn’t do this in a sweater because it’s not pretty, as you can see from the photo at the right.  But I figure this bag will shrink over 1/3 and it probably won’t be noticeable, and I won’t care by then.  Really, I won’t.

I’m also thinking of lining the bag with some light cotton since it’s been pointed out to me that static isn’t good for electronic things.  I don’t think static would be a problem if I didn’t line it, but it may just be even cuter with a lining.  Any input on whether felted bags would be bad for your laptops?  I’ve already solicited opinions of some people, so if you have any ideas I’d like to hear them…

Felting good times

23feltedlaptopcase Because I got a brand new laptop for my birthday in March, I’ve been thinking that I don’t really have a padded bag to tote it somewhere.  Sure I have tons of tote bags and shoulder bags, but no special padding for my lovely little baby laptop.  I thought back to a felted laptop case I’d seen a pattern for in Interweave.  I pawed through my back issues and found the pattern in Interweave Fall 2005, pg 138.  It’s a Laptop Case by Leigh Radford which is excerpted from her book AlterKnits.  Don’t know anything about this book, but I do like this felted laptop bag idea.Yarn_cone

I went to my local yarn store and found some feltable worsted weight in pretty colors.  I’d wanted more funky colors, but none were available in a cheap enough to felt wool.  For some reason I’m not comfortable felting expensive wool.  I can see if it’s leftover from something, but not purchased specially for the project.  It’s a quirk, but there it is.  I’m going to use this random stripe generator that I came across on someone clever’s blog and start the slog.  It should be fun and mindless–a great take along project.

Summer top bend over – part 1

I must begin by saying I love love love Anthropologie.  Their merchandise selection is divine and I could blindfold myself and randomly choose clothing from the place and be thrilled with my choices.  Sure, they’re on the high side of my do-able pricing, but Pile_o_stuffthey’ve got some great shit.

So the latest Anthropologie catalog hits my desk and I immediately start thumbing through it after my squealing ceases.   When I came to this little item, I thought, that would be a great little summery type blouse.  Read further, it’s $278.  That’s US dollars, not crazy Monopoly money.  Not_a_braWell that seems high.  I know how much this stuff is wholesale, that’s my job after all.  $278 is like a $230 markup.  Seems like crazy talk.

What do I do?  That’s right.  Knock that shit off.  Oh yeah baby.  Theirs:  made in the USA at $278.  Mine:  made in USA at $6 (and that’s buying material retail).  Theirs:  done and on the shelves.  Mine: not quite done…but getting there.  Stay tuned.