Summer top bend over – part 1

I must begin by saying I love love love Anthropologie.  Their merchandise selection is divine and I could blindfold myself and randomly choose clothing from the place and be thrilled with my choices.  Sure, they’re on the high side of my do-able pricing, but Pile_o_stuffthey’ve got some great shit.

So the latest Anthropologie catalog hits my desk and I immediately start thumbing through it after my squealing ceases.   When I came to this little item, I thought, that would be a great little summery type blouse.  Read further, it’s $278.  That’s US dollars, not crazy Monopoly money.  Not_a_braWell that seems high.  I know how much this stuff is wholesale, that’s my job after all.  $278 is like a $230 markup.  Seems like crazy talk.

What do I do?  That’s right.  Knock that shit off.  Oh yeah baby.  Theirs:  made in the USA at $278.  Mine:  made in USA at $6 (and that’s buying material retail).  Theirs:  done and on the shelves.  Mine: not quite done…but getting there.  Stay tuned.


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  1. Oh. Yeah. I’m so with you on Anthropologie, both on their design and on their prices. I’m just glad they don’t ship to the UK; it saves me a logt of angst. And that knock-off is gonna be awesome. I envy you being able to wear it, too; on me, it would look more like knocked-up.

  2. Yeah, what AmyP said!!! Holy mother of ….. well, nevah mind. I’m a heathen, so those words really don’t have the meaning they should when I say them. But you get my drift. I’m sorry to say that honestly, that looks too maternity-toppish for me. And at $278, that better be the baby of Brad Pitt under there. šŸ˜€

  3. i hate anthropologie. i think they’re a bunch of posers. the models always look like half starved ragamuffins. IMHO. šŸ™‚
    you on the other hand, you are lovely!

  4. Hey, good for you — see it, make it, I like that. I have my one and only purchase from Anthropologie sitting here waiting to be returned — the color was nothing at all like I expected, nor the sizing (although I probably shoulda, coulda anticipated the sizing issue).

  5. anthropologie, free people I love all that–sigh–last week they had a sale at the anthropologie store near me. And their prices were sort of normal! Good luck, what a great idea to knock it off!

  6. I love Anthropologie and living 2 blocks away from one, well, much of my wardrobe comes from there. But their prices are getting more and more outrageous, and that’s just one of the reasons I just got a sewing machine. I don’t sew, yet, but I’m really looking forward to being able to do what you are doing. Can’t wait to see it!

  7. Yeah! Go Sil and your mad skills! I love how you took a photo of yourself trying on the piece inside out.
    P.S. I printed out the strapless halter dress and hope to knock it off this summer. Tee hee!

  8. I know all about markups and margins, but I really think that Anthropologie must be making a killing on their margin. Cute clothing, but I wait for the sales. I guess this is further proof that I need to conquer my fear of sewing.

  9. that top is gorgeous… RIDICULOUSLY priced… But very cute and fun.
    You have such divine tastes lady. And I am SOOOO green with envy at your ability to make one for yourself!

  10. I love anthropologie, I’ve just spent over $2000 there in the last few months, I shop only online for all my clothes and shoes too, I also just spend over a grand on shopbop as well and angelas runway, they’ve got great stuff! I love the catalogues, and so far all the clothes I’ve ordered have been great quality and have fitted great, also gotten lots of compliments on the outfits when I went to europe, everyone checked out my style and asked me where I bought stuff, and that was parisian woman! I guess that style hasn’t hit europe, they look still very much dressed like in the early 90’s in paris nothing special, I was hoping to get a good dose of style there but I ended buying nothing at all, apart from tons of french comic books.

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