Felting good times

23feltedlaptopcase Because I got a brand new laptop for my birthday in March, I’ve been thinking that I don’t really have a padded bag to tote it somewhere.  Sure I have tons of tote bags and shoulder bags, but no special padding for my lovely little baby laptop.  I thought back to a felted laptop case I’d seen a pattern for in Interweave.  I pawed through my back issues and found the pattern in Interweave Fall 2005, pg 138.  It’s a Laptop Case by Leigh Radford which is excerpted from her book AlterKnits.  Don’t know anything about this book, but I do like this felted laptop bag idea.Yarn_cone

I went to my local yarn store and found some feltable worsted weight in pretty colors.  I’d wanted more funky colors, but none were available in a cheap enough to felt wool.  For some reason I’m not comfortable felting expensive wool.  I can see if it’s leftover from something, but not purchased specially for the project.  It’s a quirk, but there it is.  I’m going to use this random stripe generator that I came across on someone clever’s blog and start the slog.  It should be fun and mindless–a great take along project.


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  1. LOVE love love the stripe generator! more fun than PacMan! more beautiful than SuperMario!
    I can’t wait to see how your bag turns out with the yummy colors you have…

  2. I refuse to use expensive yarn for felting as well. I made a clutch purse with some Noro wool and it did not felt as well as the others I’ve made with Paton wool which was half the price. I have the Altered Knits book and love most of the things in it. Some of the items were a little weird like the knitted paper crowns.

  3. I really wanted to make one of those bags as well, I even went and bought habu wool to felt, until several people pointed out to me felted bags are probably the worst possible bags for electronics. They build up a lot of static electricity especially if you are the type that leaves your laptop asleep to take home from work. Even if it is off you could possibly shock your hard drive.

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