Hot hot heat

Headband It’s been rather hot here in norCal lately and when it’s hot I like to pull my hair back in a pony or clip it up.  I came upon this cute little headband pattern at Heather Bailey’s site and wanted to pass this fun, easy project along.  It’s quite an easy project and a great way to use up those fabric bits that are lying around.  Not that I have any fabric bits lying around…

And for those of you who’ve got baby showers and such to attend, there’s also a link to her Bitty Baby Booties freebie pattern.  You could go nuts with the embellishments and such.  Heather’s a talented gal and many thanks for the fun patterns.  Now everyone should have a sewing project in the offing, no?


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  1. OMG, those booties! THOSE BOOTIES! I want them in adult sizes.
    Of course, I would loose the material to make them before I got home. Le sigh….

  2. I saw those headbands via Whip Up and thought they were were awesome. Thanks for lighting a fire under my butt–I have all the materials in my stash, why haven’t I already made one??

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