I have not been drinking

SillysilFirst off, NO alcohol has passed these lips.  None–yet…

I wanted to jazz up my progress photo a bit because incremental progress on a felted laptop bag is DULLLLLL…I don’t even care and it’s my freakin project.  Well heck, since I’m changing for the gym anyhow, why not show the "bag" as a dress.   It’ll be like one of those dumb articles in the fashion mags that tell you how to wear that little blouse one million ways and alway end up looking dumb.  Besides, who lives that "perfect for going out straight from the office" kind of life.  Not me chicas…

Other than this, go give my sister MS Ride Donations–she’s thhhhiissss close to her goal!  Then go wish Kerrie a Happy Birthday.  THEN go wish Thumper Dogs Steal Yarn a SUPER Happy Birthday!  THEN go have an adult beverage because you’re wearing an unfelted bag as an outergarment.


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  1. Laptop bag? Aren’t these gadgets meant to carry around? You have to do some serious felting there. Imagine, you could take a very hot bath and end up having a tight mini dress instead. 😉

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