Snow bunny


Why is Silvia wearing snow shoes in June when it’s 95 degrees outside?  Well I just love to sweat.  No, that’s not it, how about these puppies are much much cheaper in June than they are in November.  My old "snow" boots were purchased in NYC when I first moved to NY from CA and discovered that my flip flops weren’t going to be a year-round item in the big ol apple.  This was circa 1994.  I still had them and they leaked and kept my feet cold as all getout.

Move forward 12 years and back to CA where it’s currently 95 degrees and will be so for the rest of the week.  Why snow boots?  You ask, have you so much money you don’t know what to do with it?  NO no, I say.  It’s Zappos‘ fault.  After this last winter’s snow trip I’d decided to get new snow boots as I couldn’t torment my godchildren enough with icicle feet.  They’re older and hardier now so I need better equipment to have time enough to torment them with snowballs and such before frostbite set in and it was toddy time for moi.  I looked for show boots upon my return from Tahoe last winter and was amazed at the price of these items.  No wonder I’d skipped them for twelve years.  Enter Zappos.  They let you add shoes to your "favorites" list and you can track them until they go on sale and you can justify buying them.  Hence the snow shoes in June, in a size 5 no less.  I love shoes…even mufugly ones like these.


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  1. You know, I only just not so long ago put my bigass snow boots away for the season. Thanks for the memories. πŸ™‚ Seriously, what a great score – the ability to delay gratification really pays!

  2. Size 5! You lucky thing. I wouldn’t buy anything full-price if my feet were that size.
    I’m a 9. I’ll never forget the time a colleague said to me “Nine!? You’re not that tall to have such big feet!”

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