Pinky time


Before I tell you why I’m knitting what looks like bloomers, let me just say that I’m not a natural with the lace knitting.  Sure I can handle myself with an edging or two, but a whole freaking lace garment, me thinks not.

So it boggles the mind when I go to my sister’s blog to see today’s prize reveal for her MS Ride this weekend and Angela has not only knit a lace shawl in under two weeks, but is giving it away as a prize to one of those donating to the MS RideRock on sister!  Go DONATE if can since the race is this weekend and the prizes get awarded on Monday!  Claudia‘s got over $16,000 knitter dollars so far and will be riding 150 miles in the rain this weekend.  Help cure a disease and possibly get a prize, a win-win situation if ever I heard of one.

PinkyupcloseOkay, back to the bloomers.  That is actually Ash from Rowan #36.  Described mockingly as a "lacy cardigan (with) a simple, sexy shape and light, delicate looks…for the intermediate knitter."  Why mockingly you ask?  Because despite knitting on the thing constantly for WEEKS with the tiny needles and doubled yarn, that’s all I’ve got.  It’s the fronts and about an 1" of the back…Did I mention Angela made a whole freaking gorgeous shawl in like 10 days!  Don’t mind me, I’ll be taking deep cleansing breaths while rocking back and forth in the corner while whinging.  Rock on sister!


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  1. Okay, but look at it this way: Didn’t you also knit a laptop bag that can also work as a dress? (With or without margarita accompaniment.) And let’s not forget the fabulous tip-top smock that’s got me revving the sewing machine pedal like I’m going for the Indy 500…

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