A touch of the malaise

Nexttop_2 You gotta imagine that when a gal wears her project as a summer dress in a previous blog post, she’s trying real hard to make it interesting to folks passing by the blog.  Well I could show you get a few more stripes progress on the prefelted laptop case, or even a few more rows on my Rowan Ash, but no!  I shan’t subject you to that.  I’ll show you what I’m planning on making after I free up those size 11 circs currently making the felted laptop bag.

This is the Morehouse Merino WebTop Knitkit that I bought at Maryland THIS year in black.  (Did you catch that "this year" crap?)  It’s a really easy circular project that is knit on huge needles.  A quick fix for this junkie.  But since I only have one set of size 11 circs, I must finish the laptop bag before this puppy gets started.  I love the how simple and elegant the lines of this top are, along with the drapiness of the collar.  Loved it from the moment I saw it in their booth.  I’ll try and pick up the KnitScene tomorrow to scope out future project possibilities–I’m fortunate that my bikini waxer is right next to my LYS.  That should be motivation enough to de– ex-foliate, no?


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  1. I love quick knits in between the ones that take a little longer to knit. That sleeveless top is CUTE. Are those beads in the middle of it?

  2. I love that pattern and have been wishing for something like that for awhile. However, I could’ve sworn those were mini-bagels hanging from the neck.

  3. I must admit, when I first read this last night (comments were not working last night, so I couldn’t leave a comment), my most burning question was, WTF are those bagels doing in the middle of the belly???? LOL
    I see that you have labeled it “necklace” today, but really, wtf?
    But the top is really quite exquisite and very sexy. You will be HOT in it!

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