Green like pines

Greentank When last we spoke I mentioned that after I finish up the two projects I currently have on needles, I’d be making the Morehouse Merino Webtank in black (no minibagels).  Why, then, am I showing you my pretty new green yarn?  Because I’m WEAK people.

I innocently went to the local knit shop after a visit to my bikini waxer next door for a magazine.  Only a magazine.  You know, that new Knitscene is out.  Well they didn’t have it yet and I wandered to the back of the store and saw for the very first time that there is a CLEARANCE section.  Schaw?  All these random yarns are 40% off?  Doesn’t hurt to look.  I ended up with six balls of Cascade Fixation in (4 green and 2 variegated greens) for $20 out the damn door!

So what you see above is the start of a tank using the four balls of green that I got.  On sale.  On accident.  I’m making up the pattern, so I’ve got nothing show you.  I think it’ll go nicely with the pines up in Tahoe where we’ll be celebrating the extra long holiday weekend.  I’ll take some nice piney shots for y’all.  I’m so glad I don’t have to work holidays anymore!

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  1. What a happy accident! I do hope you are making notes, as I have four or five balls of Fixation that would like to be turned into a Sylvia Original Tank.

  2. If it was on sale and you already cast on, it most definitely doesn’t count as any kind of yarn naughtiness! I like the green, it’s pretty.

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