Quick look that way!

Donnerlake On the one hand I present you a lovely photo of the majesty of Donner Lake in the Sierra Nevadas.  Look how pretty the lake is on this 75 degree July day.  There were even little bits of snow on the ground in sheltered areas because of the record snow fall this past winter.

Tankprogress On the other hand I really knit very little over the super long weekend.  So if you really are a glutton for punishment, cast your eyes upon the measly progress of the "bikini wax sale yarn tank top".  Not such a catchy name, but it was all down to my aesthetician being in the same building as my local yarn store.  For the record, my aesthetician was there long before my local yarn store.

Bbw If there’s not much knitting to talk about, that must mean it’s sewing time!  I came across these Built by Wendy patterns in the fabric store today in the Simplicity book.  There are four patterns and have a really modern and fun look.  These are NOT "junior" patterns – they’re downtown chic patterns.  Very very different.  There’s a jacket pattern (Simplicity 4109), pants (4110), tunic top (4111) and shirt (4112).  All have variations and all are fabulous.  You can tell I’m a little bit excited, huh?  I’m usually too lazy to make patterns for myself at home, so this is a great way get that kind of look with minimal work.  It’s an interesting entry into the burgeoning chicness of craftiness.  My read on sewing patterns in the market up to this point has been that they were pretty middle of the road, missy looking.  Things you see in the store that you can make at home.  It’s nice to see this entry into a younger, hipper–but not juvenile–look and I fully intend to support it.  Yes, I’ve already bought them.


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  1. I am inspired and may just have to pick up at least one of those patterns myself. I may even have fabric in my volumious fabric stash (I used to be a seamstress) to make one. And Mr. Celia has paved the way by cleaning up the basement sewing area over the Independence Day holiday. Woo hoo!

  2. Oh, wow. Those Simplicity designs rock the house! You’re always on the edge of the new stuff, you chic styliste, you. Are the patterns similar to regular Simplicity patterns?

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