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Zoe_front My favorite "fake" niece, Zoe, is attending a fine wedding and we decided she needed a fabby new dress to mark the occasion.  I quickly volunteered to make her one as she’s the most appreciative recipient ever.  Plus she’s super cute.B4436

I thought I’d make a kid dress that I’d wear.  What I mean by that is not cutesy and big bowy–something pretty, yet comfy enough to run and play in.  Sophisticated, if I may.  I found this georgette in the color palette I was thinking of to match her pretty blonde hair and cujo blue eyes.  This print reminds me of a William Morris type print, which I just love.

The pattern is Butterick 4436, View A and it really was easy.  I say that with the proviso of having a serger that can be set to do a really Zoe_ruffle_1narrow roll hem that you need to finish those ruffles.  Had I to do that with a narrow seam on a straight stitch machine, I would probably have pulled my hair out.

I hope you can see the pretty ruffles that make it look like a wrap dress but really, it’s one piece.  I lined it with cotton/rayon challis so it’s nice and soft.  The only change I made was that I Zoe_labeledgestitched around the armholes and neck.  The pattern calls for understitching, which to my eye always looks homemade and really doesn’t keep your lining from peeping out.  No peeping here people.

The next best part is that I was able to sew in a brand spanking new redSILVIA label into the wee frock.  Yeah!!!


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  1. NICE!
    I’m wondering if you can do an edge on georgette similar to the one I use for tulle. Sheri taught me. It’s just zig-zag along the edge, and you can encase a heavier thread to stiffen it. I’ll have to pick up a scrap of georgette now and experiment.
    So, you make yourself a matching frock?

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