Boob tube

Boobs This is the picture I was going to post this morning of progress on my seat of the pants tank.  Unfortunately, Typepad had a hiccup all day and I lost my post.  No big whoop in the scheme of life.  In a nutshell, I worked on this tank alot on Saturday because of a well timed champagne tasting at Gloria Ferrer.  It was wicked hot and it turns out a bottle of bubbly on the winery’s lovely shaded terrace made for a great place to knit.  A shout out to Dave-o and his high school micro mini reunion to bring it about.Tanksofar

Well as an added assist to tank progress, Typepad was down all day and I made some more progress.  Rather than take ANOTHER picture to show you this fabulous leap, I’ll take a page from Claudia’s book and use the Photoshop to it’s utmost.  Yup, we’re both super talented in this department.  The blue blobby part represents the latest in tank knitting.  Rest assured the actual tank is much less blobby and nowhere near as silly looking.  But can you tell which sister is taking the Photoshop class?  Guess, I dare you.  Yes I am getting an A so far…


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  1. You go, Sil. And after you’ve been working in Photoshop for a while you’re going to start wishing that knitting and sewing were like it so you can just click “undo” to correct mistakes!

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