Beauty in the eye


I love getting packages.  It’s like I’m a little kiddo.  What’s this yumminess you see above?  It’s the prize I won in my sister’s MS ride prize patrol drawing.  I know, it seems like it was fixed, but I really did win and you can talk to my lawyer about it if you still don’t wanna believe me.  The hitch in that giddy-up is that my sister is also my lawyer, so good luck to you.

Okay on to the good stuff.  I won a skein of Sundara’s Silk Laceweight dyed to my choice!  I don’t even knit lace and I was excited.  Very excited.  I immediately chose the somewhat solid red and orange colorway–a no brainer.  See how beautiful my choice is.

1icarusshawl For those concerned with my earlier assertion that I don’t knit lace, I just mean I haven’t up til now.  Clearly I have the equipment and skills to do so, I’ve just not.  It turns out it was incredibly simple to find a perfect pattern for me begin my silk laceweight sojourn.  I had an Interweave on the floor behind my desk, picked it up and immediately found the Icarus Shawl pattern!  Perfect.  Kismet.  Fate.  It’s not too fussy, which is my major aesthetic problem with lace, and should be easy enough for me to actually complete this decade.  I even found a Knit Along where I can see pix of finished ones.  Cool.  Can’t join til I start this project, wouldn’t be prudent.  This pattern should work for silk, no?  I mean the alpaca called for by this pattern can’t have any stretch to the yarn either, could it?


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