Real estate and jewelry

Jewlery One day when I was still working as a sexy stew, I was riding in the van to the hotel for our layover and one pilot was asking our advice as to what to buy his girlfriend for a birthday gift.  I’d guesstimate the pilot was about 50 and been divorced once or twice and his lady friend was his contemporary.  I’d say I was by far the youngest sexy stew on the crew, so my fellow crew members had seen a thing or two.  One woman immediately piped up with the classic line "real estate’s always nice".  Honestly, one of the funniest things I’d ever heard because she was serious and he didn’t know where to look.

Me, I like necklaces and since I’ve not had an occasion to receive a gift lately, I bought myself a pressie.  Knit blogger/artiste P1uon makes the loveliest moderne pieces that make sense to my sense of style.  She’s just added these tab necklaces to her site and I immediately snapped one up.  I chose this gorgeous lucky green one.  See how well it matches my cleavage?


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  1. Well that was fast! I’m glad you got the necklace and are showing it off to the world. Obviously you can see why I haven’t taken any photos of myself wearing the necklaces for the P1UON site… I’d hafta get all dressed up in a sexy cleavage bareing top… hafta dig through the closet for that! Take care! Rebecca

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