Knitting faster than I can grow hair


The story of this little tank top began with a trip to Sheryl, my aesthetician for my regularly scheduled waxing needs.  Handily, the local yarn shop moved into the same building as Sheryl.  One parks right in front of the yarn shop and is forced to walk past it.  You cannot walk past a yarn shop on your lunch hour and not pop in.  Especially after you’re now so aerodynamically sound after the waxing.  This all happened right before the 4th of July and here it is, 2 1/2 weeks later and the tank is completed.  Before, please note, it is time for yet another regularly scheduled wax appointment.  See, I can knit faster than I can grow hair.  I was unsure for awhile.  Perhaps that’s why I look a bit belligerent in the left photo.

Enough silliness, Backdetail_1this "pattern" was made up by moi.  It’s a simple knit in the round stockinette with 2 x 2 ribbing at bottom neck and armholes.  I used Cascade Fixation, about 3.5 balls at a gauge of 23 stitches by 40 rows on size 5 needles for a 34" bust garment.  This is the second garment I’ve made with ultra stretchy yarn and while it makes fitted, comfortable garments, they also tend to hike up because of all the sproing.

Frontdetail_1 Another goal for this tank was that I could wear a bra with it.  My favorite knitted tank is made of Tess Designer Yarn microfiber ribbon and that is cool, light and drapey.  I made it with spaghetti straps and wear an cotton tank underneath when wearing it out of the house.  This Cascade Fixation is too warm to layer a shirt underneath, so it had to hide the bra.  I estimated how long to make the body and straps and then made sure to try it on before sewing the backs of the straps to the back body.  Voila, the incredible hidden bra.  No bouncing front porch here baby.  Now everyone stay cool!


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  1. So, does it hike up or did you get that solved? It looks perfect on you — the dimensions of the straps combined with the scoop neck really sets off your clavicles nicely.

  2. Yarn might be an incentive to wax regularly. Just sayin’.
    That is cute on you. I find it impossible to ever make a tank whether the bra straps stay hidden.

  3. No pattern? I am so impressed. You did a wonderful job.
    I hope you’re staying cool. It’s just nasty bad up here in the Sacramento Valley.

  4. WOW. That is one sexy and classy top. I *love* the way the straps are attached in the back. And the fit is perfect! Of course, I’m not surprised with your mad, mad skills. [Applauds madly.]

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