Shortsdetail Call me silly pinky pants because it’s raspberry sorbet pant time.  It’s been so hot everywhere lately, we should all cut off our pants to make long shorts.  Some call them city shorts or board shorts length, but I’m talking knee length.  I don’t mind wearing short shorts around the house on hot days, but I’m not about to inflict the perpetual whiteness of my legs upon the general public.  I’m a thriftstore queen, actually I can scope out any rack of clothes and come up with a few jewels in short order.  Ask my sister about our last TJ Maxx trip together.  She’s set for year.

Newshorts Well back to the thriftstore for this entry.  I picked up these pink ankle length pants that were clearly brand new.  The pink is more raspberry than pepto, but cute for like $3.  They had a rip at the hem of one leg and I really saw these more as shorts than pants because of said pinkness.  Fetch my shears stat!  I have a pair of Anthropologie shorts that have a 14" inseam that hit me right at the knee.  I marked these pink guys at 14" + 2" seam allowance and chopped them off.  A quick iron up of the hem and a zip zip through the machine and here we are.  City shorts just in time for work tomorrow (we have no dress code at all–I could show up in those short shorts and no one would notice or care).  But tomorrow is pink shorts Tuesday.  Yeah!  Take this as your encouragement to go through that closet and find some pants you don’t wear and cut them off for a cool shorts day of your own.


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  1. Very snazzy trews (I really do say that!). Being somewhat of the erm … ample thigh variety, I too, value the board-short length trouser. Now … where’s my sewing machine …?

  2. That is really clever. You went off and remade them into something darn cute. If the person who gave up those pants saw what you did with them, they’d kick themselves in the butt for not doing the same.

  3. You know I have a major fear of the sewing machine — actually, I don’t even HAVE a sewing machine anymore — mine died, and because it was so WEIRD (i.e., British or something — unable to get parts) it was unfixable. But I just ordered a book for remaking t-shirts that I saw Lovely Lara blog about, and when I did, it came up with another related book about remaking clothing like this. I may just become a seamer after all.
    How cool is it that you have pink shorts Tuesday? Did you wear it with your new green tank?

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