Paisley Fun

Fullshot I’ve been hitting the machine again.  I can’t keep away from the Bernina.  I’m hooked.  I think when it’s so warm, knitting doesn’t appeal.  Consequently I’ve been sewing up a storm.  It could also be that a certain fluffy rabbit has been urging me along the stitching path with her.

Fittedwaist Today I present my latest creation.  I started this last weekend, but ran out of time to hem it.  It sat unhemmed until tonight when I powered through the last 10 minutes of sewing and finished ‘er up.  Let’s begin with the paisley fabric, shall we?  I hope you can see how pink and greeny it is.  That is pretty much my favorite color combination of all time.  As my sister would say, "it’s very Sil".  You getcha.  This is cotton fabric from Joann.  It feels like that premium quilters cotton that they carry.  I quite like the prints on these cottons.  Several of them are very graphically sophisticated and I can’t wait to buy a bunch.  If you’re just starting to sew, cotton is a really easy fabric to work with.Picotdetail

This pattern is McCall’s 4829, view D.  It’s a super easy lined bodice sundress with a back zipper.  I added pink rickrack as picot edging at the top of the bodice and at the hem.  It looks like picot edging to me.  The only problem I had with the pattern was that the yardage requirements on the pattern envelope don’t actually give you enough fabric to make the dress as layed out in the instructions.  My fabric was 45" wide and the skirt pieces were too big to lay on on the straight grain.  I solved this problem by turning the skirt pieces and cutting them on the cross grain.  The skirt will be a little poofier because the cross grain doesn’t have any give, but that coupled with the slight stiffness of the bottom rickrack make the skirt fun and puffy.  I actually like it better.  A happy accident.

SymbolOther than that, the pattern is quite easy.  Of course I say that, and don’t follow the sewing directions from the pattern.  I like to use sewing techniques from this book, plus my moderate sewing experience.  Also, just looking at how store bought clothes are  sewn is a great way to get ideas of how to get better results.

So bring on the summer heat, I’ve got my paisley park dress.  Too hot for the raspberry beret though.


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  1. Cute dress and great shortcuts/problem solving! I’m an inherently lazy person, so I love shortcuts to problems. Just ordered the Shaeffer book through interlibrary loan! Thanks for the tip.
    Well, I had great intentions this afternoon for sewing, but then I remembered about the rest of the errands that needed doing first. I did get a couple new patterns though and a bigger cutting mat – love those Michaels coupons! Tomorrow night, tomorrow night…

  2. That is cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! You always sew up your dresses so they fit you perfectly and they really flatter your pinup self. And the fabric is definitely Sil material! I’m curious about the straps: Did you do the “tubey” things for the straps and then turn them right side out? (We call it “coulisse” or “coulissage”…damn, I have to get a sewing book in English.) And the rickrack: I love how it peeks out from the wrong side of the garment. It really does look like picot! I’d love to do something like that for a neckline or armholes. Thanks for the continued inspiration!
    P.S. Poofy is IN. You did good with the cross grain πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful dress – in terms of fabric, cut and fit. And I, too, blame Becky for my current pattern and fabric buying. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself! πŸ˜€

  4. So cute! But I find it troubling that they screwed up the yardage requirements. I guess even I would have figured out to turn the pattern piece, but still. I like the poufy effect that resulted–it fits the pattern perfectly!

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